To be a little quirky, my perception of an event organizer is a person that is responsible for events going off without a hitch but seldom gets the credit for it. They work behind the scenes, carefully planning and executing the fine details of an event so that their clients do not have to worry over anything. As an event planner, you can do the following to separate yourself from your competition and land yourself a loyal and satisfied group of clientele.

How to organize events?

Invest in Party Tents

You will likely be organizing diverse events like birthday parties for children as well as for adults, engagement parties, weddings and even fundraisers. You should have a set of basic equipment that can be used at all these occasions. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a collection of durable and beautiful tents. If you do not have storage space or do not have enough money to purchase them, you may lease the same from a reputable company. Also, you should have a catalog of these tents to help your client visualize how the tents would be utilized at their party or event. You should also have tents in many colors and sizes to cater to the myriad of events you will be in charge of. For example, white tents would be ideal for weddings, summer parties and engagement parties while colored tents would work best for children’s birthday parties.

Great Event Organizer

Build Networks

Event planning is a word of mouth business. You can only prove your mettle through the work you do and it must therefore be above reproach. If you have satisfied a client, they will likely recommend you to their friends or acquaintances that are in need of such services. They will also probably use you again if they need help planning another event. Partner up with other businesses such as florists and photographers that you know are good and recommend them to your clients. Working with people you know builds synergy and with it comes efficiency.

Be Tactful

You must also be tactful in the manner in which you interact with clients and guests. Sometimes, a client may insist on something that you know will most likely have an undesirable outcome. Gently try to dissuade them from choosing that option or lead them in another direction. If they continue to insist, then let the matter go. The customer should get what they want, as long as you have done your best to offer your professional opinion. You will also be dealing with people of all sorts of temperaments. Some will be belligerent or temperamental but you must remain professional even at these times so that you do not lose the job and your temper.

Be on Time

As a great event organizer, you must never be late. Get to the venue on time, set up and then wait for your guests to arrive. When you are not running around because of tardiness, you are able to anticipate and eliminate any potential glitches that may arise during the event. Make sure that the crew you work with is also punctual. If possible, have alternative employees, suppliers and caterers on standby in case the original ones do not follow through with their duties.

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