Event Planning Blueprint

It is very important that you know something about your Event Planner before you hire and let them work with you so that you could prevent any misunderstanding that might occur during the event. This will ensure you that your event will be what you have taught to be or it be might even much better from what you picture of.

To begin with, we have listed some of the important things that you should ask with your event planner so you could have the idea on what you could expect from them.

Event Planner Expertise

Know your Event Planner expertise. Ask them about their previous works or request for any portfolio they could provide you so that you can have an overview about their accomplishments as an event planner. This will give you the idea of possible outcome of your event and how successful it could be if you’ll have their services.

Hire an Event Planner


Know what they offer as an event planner. You should be familiar with this one so that you can have an idea of what services you could avail from them. Aside from that you must also ask of how you could reach them and ask for details such as how they are going to work with you. Will you be obliged to contact them or they were the one who’ll contact you for updates.

Hidden Charges

This should be all cleared out before making any contracts with your chosen event planner especially if you are in a tight budget. I’m sure no one will be happy to be charge of something that wasn’t clear with them. Clear discussion should be done with the event planner so that you’ll not be surprise of any possible additional payments. If there are additional expenses it should be all clear of who’ll shoulder the expense.

Contact Person

If all else were fine then the next thing to be on the list is whom to contact with. More likely, event planners assign personnel you could work personally. This is important so that you know who to contact for during the event.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Sometimes, it just not works well. Even it looks like everything seems to look perfect there will come a time that you’ll have to request for service cancellation. And this is the very reason why it is important that this should be included and ask during the negotiation process. Some of the event planners required down payments and sometimes this is done for security purposes or assurance from them just in case you request for cancellation of their services. Sometimes this is the part of the payment from which is non refundable but just in case you already pay for the whole service then refund should be clear of up to what extent was non refundable and how you could receive your money back.

Final Thoughts

Questions is necessary when you are looking for someone to work with and just like hiring a regular job you should have a checklist of questionnaires you would like to clear with your Event Planner during the negotiation process. This precaution will not just help you with the possible outcome of your event but as well prevent yourself from getting into trouble during the event.

There might be a lot of you who wanted to include your advice and for that I am inviting everyone to join the discussion by sharing your comments and let us know what additional questions to ask for your prospect event planner.

Photo Credit: PoYang_博仰