It does not matter if this would be your first time to host an activity, Event Checklist is here to help you with some of our ideas and suggestion that will help you organize your activities and maximizing every detail you need.

Here we have made a short event checklist you need to keep in mind during your activity.

First thing is to make your guest feels comfortable. To do this you need to be sociable, try reaching them through interacting with them. Catch their attention by welcoming them and introducing yourself and by the time both of you feel comfortable your hosting skills will be a lot easier.

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Second, try to consider your venue atmosphere. This is important so that your guest will not get bored.

Hosting activities is one great opportunity to promote yourself especially if you are into rendering services such as hosting so we suggest that you must not forget to bring your business cards so that they will get to know more about you. Who knows, they might be your future clients.

If you are working as a group for your hosting activity, be sure they are familiar with their assignments. Some of the important assignments to take notes are preparation for the tables, seats, foods and etc.

As a host it would also be great that you take advantage of social media. Facebook and Twitter are good social media tools to use to reach your guest after the event. Don’t forget to tell them to add you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter so that you could talk more and extend your connections.

Lastly, document your activity through taking pictures and shooting videos. After gathering all the photos and videos don’t forget to upload them and submit them online. I prefer Flickr and YouTube as social media tools for this one and when everything is all set inform all your previous guest about the activity photos and videos and we are sure they will going to appreciate the event and remember you more.

We hoped that we have somehow helped you ease your hosting activity, until next time. If you have any suggestions you could reach us through commenting below or sending us a message.