Event Planning Blueprint

Does the thought of having to organise a ‘Team building day’ bring on cold sweat and palpitations? Do you need to organise a corporate day event which includes seminars, group exercises and a social afterward. and feel that it will be your neck on the line if the event isn’t a swinging success?

If the only thing you know about events management so far is that Ferro Roche is also served at the ambassadors function then this is an understandably daunting prospect.

The good news is you can put the paper bag down and resume breathing normally; this quick guide will help ensure that not only do you secure your reputation by ensuring a smoothly run event, but that it leaves an imprint on the minds of attendees for some time to come. How to plan an event checklist?

Step 1: And The Theme of The Event Shall Be…

Kept relevant and focused throughout the day. Clarifying your overall theme at the outset will smooth out the whole planning process. Regardless of the theme (whether it’s team building, communication skills or anything else) ensure the structure is consistent and reinforced throughout the day.

How to Create a Corporate Event

Step 2: You Won’t Burn a Hole on Your (Company) Wallet if You Budget.

You’ve chosen the theme and begun sourcing the suppliers; you’re so enthusiastic that no expense will be spared. Warning! You may need to slow down at this point, cancel the ice sculptures and fireworks display. Keep it simple, make a budget and stick to it.

Make sure to prepare for some unexpected costs along the way. Having an idea of what you can afford to spend on the venue, catering, guest speakers and entertainment will ultimately make sure you get best value for money in the end. Of course, if there is any cash left over, that can certainly go towards impressive fireworks and ice sculptures!

Step 3: X Marks the Spot… of Your Event.

With both the theme and budget rooted firmly in your mind it’s time to locate a venue. After all, you can’t throw an event without a venue.

Factors worth taking into consideration at this stage include; the amount of time you will you be able to access the venue for (if it’s during day hours only you may need to move onto a second venue for the social), whether you can bring in your own catering and entertainment (if not provided by the venue) and although it sounds simple consider the convenience for the attendees to get to the venue. The easier your chosen venue is to get to, the less resistance you will meet with RSVPs.

Step 4: ‘We’ve Got a Great Day Lined Up for You…’

Your opening words will ring true at the event if stage 4 comes together. It’s time to put that budget into use and start hiring the people who you need to make the day a success. As previously mentioned, this can include everything from guest speakers and facilitators at the day event (unless provided internally by your company), to catering staff and entertainment for the evening social event. In addition to who you are hiring, you will also need to agree on what will be provided; everything from team building exercises, lectures and the catering menu for the night.

This is the most intense stage in the process and although it requires a lot of work, it’s the making of your event. The better the preparation in stage 4, the more seamless the event will be. Simple tips to follow here are shop around for providers; get the best price for your budget and don’t be shy to ask for references from their previous events.

Step 5: Plan it Well and They Will Come…

So long as you get the invitations go out. Your guests are the final ingredient. Ensure you give plenty of notice and that everyone sees the invite so there are no excuses for non attendance. It is also a good idea to send out reminders by email, just be careful not to bombard everybody.

Pulling off the office event of the year won’t be easy but following these steps will ensure you are more than adequately prepared and that the event will run as smoothly as possible. Of course, if the thought of this is still too much for you, you can put your feet up, call in some experts on incorporate event management and let somebody worry about the Ferro Roche’s.

As they say, ‘it’ll be alright on the night,’ regardless of whether you micro manage the project yourself or bring in some outside help, may your event be a swinging success!

Author Bio

Robert Dickson writes for Keele Conferences and knows a thing or two about throwing a good party.

Photo Credit: TheArches