Event Planning Blueprint

Secret events, such as concerts, performances or even lectures are a great way to capture the attention of the public. When referring to secret events, it will usually be just one fact of the event that remains undisclosed to the public, until the very last minute. It could be the location or the performer, for example. People love surprises, as long as they know that they are going to experience something worth their time and money. If you are an event planner or looking for ideas on how to plan your own secret event, here you will find some of the most useful tips and tricks to make it a success.

Do Keep it a Secret

Especially if you are not a professional in event planning it is quite easy to start talking to all your friends and acquaintances about your secret event. Guess what, it won’t be secret for long. A Facebook post and a twitter hint is all it takes for your plan to fail.

Choose the Staff Carefully

It is not only you who has to keep a secret. The staff involved should also understand the need to be silent until the day of the event. You might as well put that as a term in their contracts. This includes DJs, people involved in the cooking and serving, hostesses, sound technicians and of course the performers/lecturers themselves. In other words, everyone.

How to Organize a Secret Event

Keep the Public Excited

Use an app builder to create a mobile application for your event. Make it as exciting as possible. Post teaser pictures of the space where the event will take place, without disclosing the name or making it easy to recognize. Or post quizzes about the identity of the performer and use your app to also share it through the social media. With an app maker such as the one on mobile.conduit.com you can easily create your own app which can also allow for registration to events through the app. This makes it easy for people to join, without having to navigate to other websites.

Coordinate the Staff the Easy Way

Especially if you are planning big events it is highly likely that you will have to manage a lot of people. Everyone will have different tasks to accomplish and different deadlines, but they are all working towards a common goal. Once again, a mobile app creator can come handy, as you can use it to create an agenda with everyone’s deadlines and keep it updated while on the go. The days before your event will be busy and organizing and event planning apps that work well with iPhones and androids will save you tons of time and stress. In case you need to share files, Dropbox and Wetransfer are ideal as they allow you to upload large files for free.

Use the Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Tumblr and even Pinterest can all be used in order to spread the word about your event fast. Encourage people to share the news and be enthusiastic yourself while not spoiling the mystery. After the event, ask people to share photos and videos and blog about the event. This can be the start to a series of very successful promotional campaigns.

Photo Credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box}