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After penning the final words of your latest novel, proof-reading your text and submitting it to the printers, it’s more than appropriate to treat yourself to a glass of champagne and a little shindig with friends, family and colleagues to celebrate.

However if you’re not backed by the financial clout of a worldwide publisher, you might want to hold back on the caviar and Nebuchadnezzur-sized bottles of bubbly. If you’re backed by small-press or going down the self-published route, you can still hold great celebratory party that can also act as a valuable promotional activity, too.

Here’s a few hints that might help you plan a great book launch.

Type of Party

I touched upon it earlier but if you’re throwing a book launch party, you’ll need to decide whether the event is for you to have a blow-out with friends and family after months of writing or if the party is a component of your overall book launch strategy.

How To Plan A Book Launch

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If you’re opting for the latter, you’ll need to focus on getting news about your book out to people that want to hear it. Look to attract thought leaders and industry associates via direct invites, guest blogs, word of mouth and other channels. Advertise in local papers and radio if you’re able; the more adventurous, the better!

You’ll also need to get a hold on the budget of the party as expenses can quickly get out of hand. Find an appropriate venue based on your party size and book theme (an Italian eatery might suit a novel set in Rome, for instance) and make sure you can afford to hire out your chosen venue.


It’s easy to forget amongst the networking and champagne that this is a book launch so ensure there are copies of your latest literary masterpiece for guests to read and buy. There’s nothing worse than suddenly forgetting to get your book printed in time for launch.

You’ll probably get a few guests asking for a signed copy of your novel (though that could just be mum and dad depending on party size!). Spend some time thinking about what you’ll write and have a few stock phrases stored in the back pocket to ensure a bit of variety. If all else fails, a simple “Thanks for reading, [insert author name]” will do just fine.

You might also want to arrange a reading at a set time in the evening; after all, people are here to celebrate you and your book, so why not delve into an extract? A structured Q&A, a speech or a reading is a great way to turn guests into fans.

Follow Up

One of the most important things to do post-party is to actively stay in touch with people you spend time with at the party. This could be through a dinner date, a coffee break, a quick email, a text message, an e-mail marketing sign-up sheet and more.

As well as a grand celebration at the completion of your novel, a book launch is an effective way to market your book to important industry figureheads and thought leaders. At the end of it, you should establish good relations with the venue, media contacts and with attendees. – EventChecklist.net

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