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Twitter has become the go-to service for sharing news and information quickly on the Internet. Many large companies utilize Twitter to send updates about products and services. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher use it to stay close to fans.

One of the easiest ways to promote an event on Twitter is to create a dedicated hashtag. What is a hashtag? It is a way to tag main themes, topics or keywords in a tweet. All the user does is add the hashtag symbol to beginning of a tag. Tags are used by platforms like Tumblr, WordPress and Instagram to classify an individual post.

How to Use Hashtags

The hashtag symbol looks like a tic-tac-toe board on a slight slant. Hashtags make it easier for people to locate certain keywords in a typical Twitter feed. Otherwise, it is too difficult to find tweets that only relate to one subject.

For example, perhaps a social media expert is presenting a seminar on using Twitter for a group of salon owners in Chicago. They might create the hashtag #SalonSocialChicago. Now, anyone involved in the conference can add the hashtag to their Tweets. Seminar attendees can simply search for that hashtag and get real time updates on speakers, topics, sessions, and more.

Hashtags make it easy for attendees to get involved. Speakers can ask audience members to tweet questions. By addressing questions in real time, the speaker increases understanding of the material.

There are huge advantages of using hashtags to promote an event. They include:

–Bigger crowds. Hashtags help create buzz. Everyone wants in on the latest news. Hashtags “get people talking.”

–Event changes. What if a fire burned the main conference room and an event had to be moved suddenly? Hashtags give organizers a chance to update attendees quickly.

–Build community. A good hashtag helps build community, even after the event is over.

Sponsored Hashtags

Twitter sells sponsored hashtags and “promoted tweets.” Both are great opportunities to use “buzz marketing” to jump-start conversations about an event. As an example, one year Land Rover purchased the hashtag #LRNY to promote their participation in the New York Auto show. The campaign was a success.

Try to make a sponsored hashtag as clear and relevant as possible. Otherwise, some might not see the connection to the brand. For events, consider allowing brands to sponsor hashtags for individual segments to make them stand out.

Hashtags are a great way for everyone from rock bands to major brands create buzz and build relationships around their events. Experiment with them for the next conference, concert or product launch.

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Jonathan Gordon is a freelance copywriter who writes for a variety of websites, including specialist employment lawyers in the UK.

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