Images have been a big part of the advertising world and it was no doubt that greatly play a big role of attracting people’s attention. Evidently, this form of promotion helps event organizers to effectively express their event all about.

Another thing that I like about using images as form of Event Marketing is that it is the most effective way of acquiring attention aside from the very fact that people easily notice images. One more thing why it is important for you to come up with your perfect image strategy is that it can easily be share and distribute especially at these time of social media promotion.

Event Promotions images ideas includes posters, invitations, tickets, etc. and to perfectly use these ideas I come up with a list of ways you should do.

Create an Attractive Poster

Event Posters are sure to be on top of the list when you think about making an image for your event. This poster represents what people should expect about the event that is why it is very important to make this step to be very appealing.

Images For Events
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To give you a good idea I would like to share to you a good slideshare from Prisma Printing LLC that explains on how you could create an attractive poster.


Appealing Invitation Layout

One of the things to make a perfect event is to come up with that perfect event invitation design. Though there were several things to consider in preparation for the layout but for everyone to have a good idea from it I suggest you to take a look at the post that was shared from on how to make that perfect invitation regardless of what type of event you are planning to organize.

Bonus: As additional I found this board from Pinterest very interesting that I suggest you to see to get more ideas. AliDayDreams DIY Design Board.

Make That Ticket Layout Awesome

Ticket Layouts are another part of event organizing from where you could incorporate your event images. There might be a lot of post that talks about Ticket Layout but I have chose a few post that directly gives you an idea on what to do.

Attractive Concert Ticke Designs for your Inspiration from
Exciting Custom Event Ticket Designs To Get Ideas From by Cadence Wu
Customizing Your Event Tickets by James Richardson

Aside from those Ticket Ideas I strongly invite you to check these Ticket Design Tips for additional ideas.

Top 5 Tips For Designing Event Tickets from
How to Make Effective Event Ticket Design from

Make Use of Social Media With Your Promotions

In today’s time integrating social media components with your event promotion strategies is the best way to reach out millions of millions of people. Social Media is the best source where you could easily promote your images about your events regardless of what type or kind of image it could be. Whether you promote it from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, it will surely attract people.

As bonus I like to share to you this great social media tip from Debbie Hemley on How You Could Integrate Social Media Activities and discover additional ways on why Social Media greatly impacts your campaign regardless of doing an Image Campaign or promoting your activities online.