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Instagram can be more than just a fun and easy way of sharing photos with your friends and family; it can be also a powerful marketing tool for demonstrating products, services, certain individuals, companies and brands, and much more. This powerful utility allows its users to display media in real-time, as well as first-person details of various events and locations.

You could use Instagram’s photo sharing and editing services to display pictures of your event (any event; it could be business related, marketing related, celebratory, weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.), you can instantly broaden the scope of people who might have the ability to see and experience the noteworthy happenings at your event. If the event you’re putting on Instagram is business related, then you could take a sequence of pictures that most accurately represents your business and the products and/or services that it provides.

Instagram Your Event

Using Instagram to Display Business Successes

You can use this brilliant online photo sharing service to document the individual successes and breakthroughs of your business or brand, and in this way you will give potential visitors to your Instagram account valuable and informative insights into the nature of your business, and its development as well. By displaying the events and processes of your business or brand, you can passively interface with and essentially market to prospective clients or associates in a comprehensive fashion. Potential customers could actually become aware of a given company or brand name through Instagram browsing alone, having never heard of said company or brand prior to be exposed to it via this wildly useful website.

Using Instagram to Record Political Campaigns

Another realm where this type of Instagram marketing and PR use is valuable is the arena of politics. Whether a politician is running for an office at the local, state, or national level, Instagram can prove to be an extremely important tool for keeping constituents updated with visual representations of where a given candidate is, and the progress of his or her campaign at any given time. Instagram can be used to boldly display images from campaign events and fundraisers, which will greatly increase the awareness and transparency of political campaigns of any caliber.

Using Instagram to Document Community Events

For all of the events and meetings that take place within a given community, Instagram offers a great way to keep other community members and residents informed on the local government dealings, as well as the recreational and developmental events that a given community might host. Displaying photos of these types of events not only keeps other community members informed, but it also gives a municipality broad exposure on a scale that is national, or even in some cases, global.

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