You’ve spent countless hours (let’s be honest… it’s probably more like days or even weeks!) crafting the perfect event. But the amount of effort you put into building it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll come. Part of event planning is nailing the invitation process so you can increase attendance more and more each time.

The tips below are targeted to help companies boost their attendance at client events but they can also apply to other types of events!

1. Begin With a Conversation

This will help you personalize the invitation in some way. It gives your invitees a sense of importance as well as a sense of obligation to you and the event. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, encourage them to keep an eye out for the formal invitation.

2. Get People Excited

Really focus on selling your event to your target audience. They’re likely flooded with other event options so you’ll need to grab their attention and motivate them to attend your event. Use compelling copy, images, or even video to set your event apart from others. This will also help set the stage for a fun event.

3. Communicate Incentives

Make it clear through your invitation why people should attend your event. One great way to incentivize people to come is to have an event giveaway. You can also talk about the value they’ll receive by attending – knowledge of new wines from a sommelier or lessons on how to toss a pizza from a professional chef. Make it clear that they’ll benefit by attending.

4. Name Drop

This is another way to incentivize people to attend your event. If there’s an important person in your industry attending, use that to your advantage. It shows that other people value your event and it also encourages others to attend so they can expand their network.

5. Track RSVPs & Follow Up

Diligently track your RSVPs so there are no guests unaccounted for. Even if the event is constantly on your mind, it’s likely not on your invitees. Follow up with them

Don’t let all the effort you put into your event go unnoticed by a small crowd. While event attendance isn’t a given, these tips along with some hard work on your part will make an impact.

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This Article was written by Kapow exclusively for Event Checklist. Kapow helps top companies find and execute high quality client entertainment events.

Photo Credit: Raymond Larose