To stare at beautiful, brightly colored fresh flower arrangement is to experience pure emotion. Depending on the color of the arrangement or bouquet, the emotion one feels will slightly vary. From the deep passionate red of a rose to the elegant white of a calla lily, to the in a bouquet of golden tulips, the color of flowers sends an emotional message. Whatever colors you choose while making flower arrangements, the emotions behind them are conveyed to your loved ones. When choosing your next floral arrangement, tell your event florist to include a few fragrant flowers and create a wonderful memory of the occasion.

Now let us understand the important impacts color has on your senses and emotions when used in floral arrangements.

Language Of Flowers

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1. Red flowers

Fresh red flowers send clear and bold message of intense romantic love! It is a color of passion, strong and powerful love. Red is the color of seduction and desire. Red roses are the most common red flower, but red carnations, red tulips, and red gerbera daisies will all transmit your message of desire and passion.

2. Orange flowers

Orange flowers offer happiness and joy .They spread warmth of love. Orange flowers also send the message of adventure. Imagine the feeling of waking up without any responsibilities on a beautiful and warm weekend day. The possibilities are endless. This offer of adventure and spontaneity is included with each radiant orange flower arrangement.

3. Pink flowers

Pink flowers combine innocence, playfulness and sensitivity. Pink flowers have been traditionally associated with femininity, and with that association comes delicate and gentle connotation. Pink flowers include pink roses, pink carnations and pink chrysanthemums.

4. Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers represent friendship, trust, compassion and respect. Yellow flowers are given in office to show appreciation of work. Yellow daffodils are great flowers for friends. Yellow lilacs and yellow chrysanthemums are beautiful, thoughtful flowers.

5. Green flowers

Green flowers represent harmony with nature and good fortune. Green flower arrangement represent health, wellness.

6. Blue flowers

Rich, deep blues, found in the beautiful hydrangea and the extraordinary iris, offer serenity. Blue flowers have a calming effect. They cool the emotions and create a contemplative mood. The peace derived from blue flowers also makes them an appropriate sympathy or get well flower.

7. Purple flowers

Purple flowers symbolize charm, grace, elegance, and refinement. Their ethereal qualities also represent creativity. A beautiful Purple arrangement can also symbolize an important transition. Purple flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. You are sure to send an extraordinary message with a gorgeous Purple bouquet.

8. White flowers

Fresh white flowers are most closely associated with purity and innocence. The delicate white blossoms represent honesty, purity, and perfection. White flowers are ideal when you are looking to communicate that wonderful combination of elegance and innocence. For many, white roses are the perfect bridal flower. Other gorgeous and powerful white flowers include white carnations, white orchids, white calla lilies, and white daisies. These flowers all communicate pure, thoughtful love and undying fidelity.

9. Mixed flowers

Combining various colored flowers can have a good effect. Combining the purity and innocence of white flowers with the passion of red flowers sends a signal of harmony and excitement. Together, these two flower colors transcend their original meanings and offer a promise of adventure wrapped in elegance.

Apart from emotions associated with colors of flowers, there are specific flowers for specific moods. Alstroemeria flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship. Amaryllis is flower is symbolic of splendid beauty. Anthurium symbolizes hospitality while Aster symbolizes patience. Calla lily signifies magnificent beauty and carnations symbolize pride and beauty.

So next time you visit a flower shop to select a bouquet, think about all the points mentioned above and then purchase it. –

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Daniel Clark is an event florist and passionate blogger. He also owns a big flower shop and is giving information regarding emotions associated with each colored flowers.

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