One of the key criteria when planning a successful event is its promotion. Whether you’re planning a huge party, a charity run or a car boot sale – if people don’t know about it, you’ll have a difficult time. Promoting your event with the help of leaflets and flyers is a fantastic idea for making people aware of your undertaking.

Leaflets are ideal for advertising your event on a local level. If you are planning a party, you can specifically target younger people in the streets as you’re handing out your flyers. You can also ask to leave leaflets in pubs, bars and cafés. If your city has a university, it might be advisable to pass around more flyers near student hotspots such as the university union.

It is not enough to sit down at your home computer and print out a black and white piece of paper with some information on it. It might contain all necessary details but unfortunately we humans have a very short attention span and a leaflet with a bad design has next to no chance of getting noticed.

Leaflet Promotion

People will look at your flyer for a fraction of a second before it will either end up on the floor or in the next rubbish bin. To avoid this reaction you can catch people’s attention by using certain keywords we humans react to. These include: free, bargain, extra, save, special, win, bonus etc. Try and slip a few of those “power words” into your message. The message should be short and to the point. Answer the questions of “What?”, “Where?”, “When?” without waffling. At the end you want people to act by either visiting the website you set up for the event for more information or phoning a number to book tickets etc. So ask for action by using active sentences such as: “Book before (Date) and get 15% off!”

You will also want to use an image since most of us are very visual people; colours or a unique motif can catch our attention easily. Make sure that the image you’re choosing suits the theme of your event. Most of all be careful that the image is available in high resolution. Nothing is worse than having a pixelated background for your flyer, especially not when this is not the desired effect you had in mind. Whole studies have been done on what colours and fonts are most successful when it comes to marketing an event. You should not be afraid of contacting a professional design team and ask for help.

Investing in a design and printing service such as is highly recommended. It might be more expensive than a home-made print-out but if you stand fully behind your event and are convinced that people will like it you will be happy to spend a little bit of extra cash to make sure as many people as possible can make it. A poor design will give people the impression that you don’t care about the event. When turning to a printer you might get discounts on packages so you will also receive posters to put up in busy places.

Photo Credit: Timo Kirkkala