I’ve talked about a few ways people can expect to change when they get married so they know what to expect.

They say marriage changes everything and they’re probably right. After you tie the knot your life will be completely different even though you’ll still feel like the same person. For the marriage to work you’ll need to change a few different things about your life. Here are a few examples of changes that will affect your life so you know what to expect. I don’t think you’ll find any of them a huge inconvenience though some might take a little getting used to.


You Have to Keep Secrets

At the moment you don’t need to keep anything to yourself. You might even discuss your partner issues with your friends, but once you’re married things change a little. You’re expected to keep things between you and your husband/wife. That doesn’t mean you should keep quiet if you’re being assaulted if nobody else is around, but it does mean you have to respect each others privacy a lot more. Do you think you’ll be able to keep someone’s secrets until it’s time to take them to your grave?

You’ll Have Less Responsibility

When you get married you don’t have less responsibilities to worry about, but you do get to share them with someone else. You don’t always need to be on top of everything because you have someone to watch your back. If you slip up this time they will catch you and you can do the same for them further down the line. You will need to learn how to handle responsibility well together because once you’re married it’s usually not long until children and mortgages come along.

Your Roles Will Change

Once you have the ball and chain on your ankle you will have to carry out certain jobs around the house you maybe didn’t need to bother about before. You can’t just forget to do them because you’re doing them for your whole family. Hopefully you get lucky because some couples are happy to divide the jobs based on what they enjoy doing. No matter what happens you’ll now have some work you have to do before you get to lie around on the couch all night.

No More Selfish Dreams

Young people can do almost anything in the world and nobody will be there to stop them. They could pursue a career even if it meant living without much money for a few years. They could jump on a plane and travel the world if they had enough money in their bank account. Once you’re married you have to think about your family before you do anything. You’re much more limited in what you can do, but at least you have the love of your partner and children instead.

Friendships Will Change

How many good friends do you have right now? You might find that number dwindling away over the first few years of your marriage. You won’t be able to go out every weekend anymore which means you’ll lose contact with the party animals amongst your friends. If anyone is against your relationship you’ll need to cut them out of your life otherwise it could affect your marriage. You might find yourself spending more time with other couples because everyone will be able to hang out together.

Change is a Good Thing

At first it’s easy to feel scared of change because you would prefer your perfect life to stay the same forever, but if you don’t change your marriage could end up in disaster. Can you imagine being married to someone who can only think of themselves? I bet you don’t even notice anything different about your life right at the beginning and one of these days you’ll suddenly realize you’re a new person.

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