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An event entrance is the ideal opportunity for event planners to impress guests from the outset. Event planners will quite often overlook meet and greet entertainment, but it can be a very effective way of getting your guests into the swing of things, reinforcing corporate messages or setting the theme of the event. Choosing the right entertainers and performers to meet and greet guests as they arrive at a corporate event can really impress from the start and be a real talking point!

So, here’s our Top 10 Meet and Greet Acts to help inspire planners for their next event.

1) For Lavish or VIP Events

As guests enter the venue, how about impressing them with a glass of bubbly on arrival from a champagne living table? This is the perfect Meet and Greet option for lavish affairs or perhaps a Baroque themed event!

2) To Add Some Hollywood Glamour

Make your guests feel like A list celebrities as they enter the venue with some fake paparazzi! A great addition to any event that requires some Hollywood glamour….(they’ll even take photos during the event!)

Meet and Greet Acts

3) For Event Planners Who Aim High

Looking to transport your guests to dizzying new heights as they arrive at the event? Then some top aerialists could be just the thing for you to meet and greet people at your event. Performers can usually adapt to any theme with an array of costumes.

4) For Tech Events

Perhaps your event has a futuristic or technology theme? LED and laser robots will leave guests seriously impressed and with a real talking point after the event. These walking, talking robots can entertain guests with street theatre or stunning visual effects!

5) To Leave Guests Star Struck

A celebrity lookalike/impersonator is a tried and trusted meet and greet favourite for many types of events. How about a Sean Connery impersonator for a James Bond themed event or a pop star lookalike to add a bit of excitement? Celebrity impersonators will greet guests as they arrive, as well as pose for photos and sign autographs!

6) Circus Themed Events

Add a circus or street theatre atmosphere to your event by adding some stilt performers at the venue entrance. Stilt acts come in an array of costumes, styles and themes to suit a variety of events!

7) Keep Your Guests Sweet

Candy girls will not only make your event look good as guests enter, but hand amazing sweet treats at the same time! Candy Girl meet and greet performers are usually bespoke acts that can come in a range of costumes and offering a variety of snacks and sweets.

8) Want to Heat Up Your Event?

Ensure your event is the hottest in town with some fire performers to meet and greet (and impress) guests on their arrival. These skilled performers can juggle with fire, swallow it or spin it!

9) For Events That Require a Stunning Spectacle

Step in to the realm of magic and beauty with a contact juggler. These performers are a great meet and greet option for event planners who require something visually stunning to make an impression as guests arrive. They manipulate crystal balls over parts of their body to amazing effect.

10) Make a Song and Dance

Your event will definitely hit the right note with a barbershop quartet to meet and greet guests! Some musical accompaniment will get guests in the mood for an evening of entertainment as they enter the venue.

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Amy Capron works for global destination entertainment specialists Scarlett Entertainment and is passionate about the events industry. For more top entertainment ideas or event industry updates, you can follow her on twitter @amycap_scarlett.

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