Event Planning Blueprint

With the New Year comes contemporary, innovative ideas for literally everything – even event planning! Mobile event applications are the cutting edge source for connecting all attendees before, during and after the event. You don’t have to be a scientist or data analyst to understand strength in numbers. Higher visibility = more attendees = more competitive exhibitors = bigger and better leads. There is no greater visibility and immediacy than promoting and tracking your event on the “cloud,” and it has never been easier to do so with mobile event apps.

Once you have an outstanding event planner, a memorable venue and a competitive exhibitor line-up, it’s the perfect time to brand your event on the cloud with no uploading expense,and let the connections begin, flourish and withstand. Aside from schedules, maps and speaker profiles, taking advantage of mobile conference apps allows you to reap from these imperative benefits never before offered.

Mobile Event Apps

Get the conversations rolling before, during and after the event.

New mobile applications like Bloodhound mobile conference app allows every contributor to interact. Organizers can promote the event, exhibitors can market their products and services, and attendees can comment and leave reviews. Incorporating social media is now an imperative for all business’ success rates.

Connections, connections, connections.

The purpose of throwing the event is connections – Finding connections, retaining connections, preserving connections. Aside from social media interaction, mobile event planning apps allow for you to convert from the limiting face-to-face communication and continue the lead retrieval process beyond the event itself on the web.

Reduced loss of new opportunities.

Writing down client info on a list of visitors and potential clients is just the tip of the iceberg in customer and vendor relations. The actual contact made after the fact is the real imperative, not how many names you have on a list. Also, there is a restriction in that in the past only exhibitors tend to contact the attendee. With a mobile app, attendees have a smooth and easily accessible channel to reach out and communicate in just as the exhibitors do. The most important component in solidifying any business transaction is showing respect and concern for each other’s needs and providing simple, two-way communication is just the ticket.

Easy results tracking.

Putting on the event itself is a timely, costly and overwhelming process. Analyzing the interest and success on certain exhibitors and attendee input should and can be a breeze. Mobile conference apps allow you to track most popular vendors through “likes” and comments and supplies behavioral data during and after the event.

Much of the focus of throwing an event has been placed on the “planning” and hosting needs. What about the attendees, exhibitors and vendors and keeping in touch after the event? They are your potential clients, customers and future business relationships. That is why utilizing event planning mobile applications specifically catering to every constituent of the event process is what is not only hip and trendy but a necessity in maintaining lead activity beyond the event itself.

Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis