As a wedding aficionado, I subscribe to many wedding blogs to keep up on what’s trending in the industry. Traditional, classy weddings are always a major theme from year to year. I get tired of reading blogs on the same traditional styles that are hardly reinvented. Planning an event as big as your wedding can be stressful, and I thought- how could I plan a wedding that was modern but inexpensive? Get ready to pull a Tom Cruise and jump on your couch in excitement, because I’ve made a list of interesting modern ways for you to plan your wedding on a budget!

For starters, any event planner knows organization is key. If you don’t have any of the fancy tools and software available today for organizing guest lists, invitations, and thank yous – don’t worry. You’re not Lauren Upton. Stay calm and build a spreadsheet. Use Microsoft Excel to build your guest list, keep track of addresses, RSVP’s, and build you seating arrangements. Put your workbook into Google drive so that multiple people can edit (enlist the help of your family to get all those addresses filled in!)

Modern Technology Wedding Plan

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Take advantage of what’s free and available. Create a new Pinterest account to track all of your ideas, include your friends and family by having them “like” which ideas they want to see! Some great accounts to follow for ideas include: DIY Your Wedding, A Gift Personalized , and Wedding Window. Make sure you start your pinning early, a lot of the DIY crafts and other ideas can take quite a bit of time to accomplish.

Go Mobile

I think this is one of the least utilized ways to incorporate modern technology into your wedding planning. Considering we use our phones for just about everything, why not take full advantage of on-the-go planning? Keep an active planning calendar on your phone to set up and plan out everything from venue appointments to dress fittings. Similarly, streamline all of your activities with your phone so that you always have access to what you need. This includes downloading the Pinterest app, Google Drive app, calendar syncs, etc.

Go Social

Share your wedding announcements on social media to save on printing and postage. You could even take your save the date picture on Instagram to share with your friends and family. Create a Facebook group just for your bridesmaid’s so you can connect and chat about preparations, manicures, or gossip about your bachelorette party – what happens in your Facebook group, stays in your Facebook group (until Facebook completely takes away privacy). Create a Tumblr account if you don’t already have one. Blog about your experiences planning – this could be a great source of inspiration or a great place to look back on after your special day.

Planning a wedding is stressful, especially when you’re on a budget. For a modern feel make sure you think outside the box, think thrifty, and go with your gut.

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This guest post is written by Stephanie Halloway, follow her on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Twitter for more event planning or wedding ideas, or check out her column over at A Gift Personalized!

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