Organizing an event can cost a lot of money regardless of it being a small event or a big event that is why most Event Planners critically considers savings a vital part of the budget planning. Today, I will share to you 5 things you could do to save money for your events. Let us start the money saving tips advice.

The Venue

When looking for the right venue you should consider looking for a couple of options. Don’t stick with one option look for various sources. After looking for sources ask your prospects to provide you their proposal and from these proposals you can now determine the right bidder for your venue.

Choosing the right venue for you doesn’t mean you have to go for the lowest bidder what you should consider is the benefits you could get from them. Example: accessibility and additional perks or packages.

Aside from receiving perks you should also learn the art of negotiating. Don’t just settle for the offered price. Ask for discounts as the prices tends to go up and down base from different factors.

Money Saving Tips

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PRO Tip: When planning an event consider scheduling your event during Off-Season days. Price during these seasons is much lower compare during Peak Season days.


One great thing about event planning is that you have the option to look for Sponsors that can help you with your expenses. These sponsors can help you with your budget as they are more willing to spend for your event in exchange for promotion or advertisement you offer them during your event.

PRO Tip: Look for prospect sponsors that would be very much interested with your targeted participants. Offer them an advertisement deal like having their company name included to all your event marketing campaigns.

Social Media

When we talk about Social Media for event we are talking about free promotion. I don’t mean Social Media Marketing is free at all but a free tool for reaching out people in a much convenient way compare with the traditional methods. Going for the Social Media as a form of promotion cuts down your advertising expense but this does not mean it is totally free what makes it free is that you could promote your event personally without the help of professionals.

PRO Tip: To maximize your social media presence without the need to go online 24/7 you could use scheduling apps like Buffer. Schedule your Tweets or Facebook shout outs on Buffer and you do have now an auto pilot promoter.

Go Online

Traditional media is not dead but with the new media everything seems to be easily promoted. Being online can help you cut cost especially in terms of event tools that you have to provide during your event. You may inform your attendees to visit your website from where they can get the right tools that they needed during the event. Ex. Slideshare presentations and Youtube videos.

The Head Count

After the deliberation of all the possible ways you could do to cut your cost you should also consider knowing the attendees head count ahead of time. You could use this head count to determine how many attendees you are expecting to come and how much you need to spend and budget for the food. Budgeting the right amount for the event will help you cut your expenses.

In Conclusion

Knowing exactly what you need and determining the factors that contributes to your expenses is the very key that you could use to save money for your event. Be familiar with the factors that surround the event as a whole and be creative.

Any advice from you? Share us your ideas by joining the discussion below. Have a great day to all.

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