I was thinking of something to share here on Event Checklist though I wasn’t able to come up with something more interesting so I spend my hour reading other blogs until I was able to stumble on a link round up blog post from where bloggers share blogs that they find very interesting. From there I was inspired to start my very own version of it and decided to start it today.

I think this is the best time for me to introduce this round up here on EventChecklist.net and hopefully continue sharing valuable event planning post throughout the web.

Event Planning Round Up

Here I will share to you the best articles I have seen from Google+, Twitter and as well blogs that I read from the RSS collections from Alltop.

My Featured Posts

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3 Important Things to Remember on How to Plan an Event

My Week on Event Planning

The Round Up

5 Tips For a Successful Awards Ceremony – A quick round of tips and pointers about planning and organising an event.

Does a $500,000 Speaker Pay Off? – An interesting blog post on why hiring a big name to speak on an event is a good move.

Event Planning 101: The Top Tools and Tips to Get it Right Every Time – A list of techniques that you could incorporate as an Event Planner and Manager.

5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media at Your Next Event – How you could spread the word about your Events with the use of Social Media. Fun and effective tips you could use for your next event.

How Social Sharing Drives Sales Infographic – Helps you figure out how you could benefit Social Media for your Event promotion.

Share Your Best Event Planning Blog Experience

I am thinking to religiously share this round up probably twice a month so for those who were interested to share their best event planning blog or wanted to have their blog featured here then feel free to reach me through my Google+ account or by tweeting me @adrianoarwin.

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