Now that you know the rules of event planning, it’s time to start promoting your event. Whatever event you’re planning, you need to have a robust marketing plan that includes both online and offline advertising to spread the message. The same principles that we’ll discuss apply to most types of events, although there are always small differences between each one.

Far too often these days when people are promoting an event – whether it be a fundraiser, sporting event, concert, or community event – they will turn to online avenues to promote the event and nothing else. We can all agree that Facebook is an easy and free way to invite a lot of close friends and acquaintances to events, but once you start thinking of spreading the word beyond just friends, you’ll have to pay for advertising just like anywhere else.

Event promoters need to integrate traditional offline advertising methods as well as new online methods to maximize the spread of your events. Here are some ways to integrate offline marketing as well:

Offline Event Advertising

1. Promote Event with Bold Banners

Banners are an obvious choice for promoting an event, but many event planners and promoters will shy away from banners or not properly commission the best ones. Banners can be found inexpensively from your local or online printing company to create bold and beautiful banners for your events.

To save money, you’ll want to consider printing double-sided on the banners so that they will have maximum coverage for pedestrians and motorists viewing from both directions. Most companies, will offer double-sided printing for a small charge, for example on our banner page we offer it as a premium option. You’ll also want to use large bold letters and not small type that people can’t read unless they’re up close.

2. Use Signs During the Day of the Event

A lot of people visiting events might just be passing along the street and not have previously planned to visit your event. Clear directional and arrow signs that lead the way to your event are an excellent way to help these people make a decision to come check out what’s going on and sign up or participate.

Directional signs, arrow signs, or any types of standing signs can alert people whizzing by in their cars that the event is going on. Often times people will plan on going to an event ahead of time but forget about it – but with properly erected signs, they’ll be reminded of the event and possibly check it out like they planned.

3. For Recurring Events Use Vehicle Graphics

If you run or promote an event that happens every week or month, you’ll probably need to be doing some type of promotion for the event every single day. One underutilized way to do so is to use window sticker or vehicle decals on your car to promote the event. These stickers and decals can be sized to any shape you want and can actually be removed from your car so you don’t have to worry about permanent damage. There is a good guide on vehicle graphics we put together that outlines some of the details.

What makes these vehicle graphics such a great idea is that they are taking advantage of your car, which is essentially a moving billboard. We often forget that our vehicles – whether car or truck – are blank canvases just waiting for us to use them for our own benefit. List all the contact info and event details clearly on your vehicle graphics and drive more traffic.

When promoting your event don’t neglect your offline advertising, as that’s an important part of the occasion that shouldn’t be forgotten just because we have the internet. Now that you have all the steps necessary to plan for and promote a successful event, it’s time to manage your event online for complete success.

Author Bio

Mark Krenn is the founder of Coastal Creative Reprographics, found on the web at The company provides many of the custom printing and graphics needed for any type of event. Mark enjoys most sports and traveling in his free time.

Photo Credit: David Evers