Event management companies handle many events at the same time and keeping an eye on the minute details like resource distribution, total ticket sales, man management, guest invitation mailing, event promotion, often becomes a challenging task. The only way to make the event management process simpler is by shifting the entire process online. There is no need to store hard copies of documents or ask your assistant to send invitations to the guests on time. All you need to do is install an event management software in your website and take control of all the activities related to event management.

Let’s try to understand how you can successfully manage events by transferring the entire process online.

1. Event registration process becomes simpler with simple customizations: Event registration solutions let people sign up for any event using an online form. As the website admin, you have the permission to edit the form and make it user-friendly. For example, you can decide the number of mandatory fields, add brand colors to the form, post a logo and help users in the form filling process. If you are organizing a nation-wide talent hunt or other such contests, users will be able to register from any part of the country.

2. Keep track of things done and not done: You can assign different tasks to different people and give them log-in ID and password so that they can update their task as completed. For example, if you have asked one team to arrange food for guests, the TL can update his work status as “done” once the order is placed to the caterer. Similarly, other teams can update their statuses and as the admin, you can find out who is on track and who is lagging behind.

Online Event Management

3. Sell tickets: All good online event management solutions provide online ticket selling facility. However, you can make the deal sweeter for attendees by offering discount for bulk booking or using a certain bank’s credit card. Show a virtual map of the auditorium so that buyers can select seats as per their preference.

4. Generate reports: Want to know how many people are coming to the event? How much money you earned by selling tickets and sponsorship? All data can be gathered and printed easily to maintain earning-expense ratio. The reports also help you create immediate strategies for making an event successful. For example, if you see that 2-3 events are not generating enough buzz in the market as is evident by the slow rate of registration, you can start a marketing campaign to save it at the last moment.

5. Send invitations: In every event, some eminent guests are invited for judging or inauguration. It may not be possible for you to meet all the guests face-to-face and convince them to be a part of your event. Therefore, you should use the e-mail facility of event management software and send custom invitations to the famous people, politely requesting them to be a part of the event. Since the messages are customized, chances of impressing the recipients are better.

6. Promote events: Send email newsletters, connect your social media profiles with the websites and send reminders to previous ticket buyers that you are organizing an event. With the help of newsletters and social media integration facility offered by the software, you can convey your promotional message to the target audience and make any small or large event absolutely successful.

7. Maintain a calendar: Some event management solutions come with a calendar facility where you can update the list of events date-wise. This way, you can keep track of the free and occupied dates. You can also post the calendar on your site so that ticket buyers can plan which events they want to attend in advance. For example, if a rock star is coming to the capital for one-night performance, you can post his tour date a couple of months in advance so that you can sell tickets very fast.

8. Build relationship with the attendees: Once an event is over, send “thank you” notes to all the people who bought tickets. You can also upload the clips of the show on YouTube and share the links with the mail so that they can relive the moment once again. This is a great strategy to build a loyal customer base.

By following the aforementioned suggestions, you will be able to manage multiple events without breaking into a sweat. A good event management software provides all the things you need for managing an event; the only thing you need to do is use them intelligently.

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Monik Makadiya is associated with IVVY, an online event management software which boosts your event management capabilities. You can contact him on @painstakingMM.

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