What’s not to love about getting married outdoors? It’s romantic, casual, scenic and unique. However, while outdoor weddings are elegant, they can be slightly more stressful to plan than a traditional, indoor wedding. There are endless topics to touch on and what seems to be a never-ending-to-do list, but no pain, no gain, right?

With all other stress factors playing in, it is super easy to overlook the small things and plow through your schedule. Planning an outdoor wedding is well worth it, and while there are many things to get done and plan, here are some little tasks that may not be as top-of-mind as others:

1. Food Covers

It seems obvious, but it’s something that can be easily forgotten. Having food outdoors brings two huge complications: heat and pests. Cold food cannot sit out for too long, such as salad or fruit, without spoiling. Bringing extra coolers and extra ice is an ideal thing to add to your “don’t forget” list. Along with that, bring plastic covers or containers to keep pesty bugs away from your beautiful buffet you spent hours perfecting.

Outdoor Wedding

2. Bugs

Speaking of bugs, don’t forget about your guests and them having to deal with it as well. Providing bug spray (especially for a hot, humid summer wedding) is pretty much essential. Another way to keep the bugs out is to place citronella candles throughout the venue.

3. Restrooms

You planned a beautiful wedding near the mountains in a barn that overlooks pastures and gorgeous trees. Great, now where is everyone going to take care of business? It’s definitely not the most attractive item to check off your list, but it’s a big one! Make sure you have a place for guests to do what they need to do, when they need to do!

4. Flowers and Decorations

These are arguably two of the most important aspects of a wedding. When having a wedding outside, it’s important to consider what types of flowers don’t do well in heat or humidity versus the ones that are more sustainable to different weather conditions. It would be utterly sad to have your bouquet flop before you even walk down the aisle. The same applies for decorations: some materials are more capable of lasting in different weather conditions than others.

5. Let Mother Nature Run Her Course

It’s going to happen, so let it be. It’s still your big day. Plan accordingly as best as you can and things will work out. Have a backup tent with another backup tent behind that one, and you’ll be perfectly fine. Overthink the little things when it comes to this. You can even create and provide oversized ponchos for guests as they arrive.

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