Event management solutions have made the job of event management quite easy by offering lots of features to event managers. Witnessing the growing popularity of event management tools, several software development firms have paid attention to this field and released their products in the market.

As a result, if you search for “online event management software” in Google, you will see the names of hundreds of different vendors and their software. Every company claims that their software is the best and most affordable. If you are planning to buy an event management solution for your business, don’t make your choice on the basis of affordability.

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It’s the features and tools that matter, not the pricing, because if you get a good software within your budget, it will help you manage and grow your business over the years and you will be able to maintain significant profit ratio.

Paid Event Management Software

Here are some of the features that matter the most. Select a software that has all of them for guaranteed return on investment.

1. Multiple websites: An event management company handles multiple events at the same time. Therefore, the software should enable you to create different websites for different events and post the content to inform all the details of each event. There should be free templates for faster website development with plenty of customization options to suit your brand identity.

2. Ticket selling and printing: Attendees should be able to pay for their tickets using credit cards. Additionally, there must be a one-click printing option for ticket buyers so that they can print their tickets immediately.

3. Custom sign-up process: You should have the freedom to decide what type of information ticket buyers and event participants need to share on your site and offer the exact pricing based on their choices. For example, if you are managing a 5 day long business seminar and someone selects front row tickets with two day accommodation package at a 3 star hotel, his package cost must be calculated by the software automatically.

4. Early bird discount pricing: One of the easiest ways to sell tickets is to offer discounts. For example, you can post on the website that the first 100 ticket buyers will get 1 ticket free, if they buy 2 tickets.

5. Accommodation selling: The software should help you save the time of ticket buyers by letting them select bundle package for ticket and accommodation.

6. Wait-listing: There should be a wait-listing feature to help customers view their position on the wait-list when accommodation is full. Suppose, you can provide accommodation to 500 guests and the seats are full. In that case, the next customers will see their names on the wait-list and if anyone cancels his booking, the first person on the wait-list will get confirmation message.

7. Check-in list creation: There should be an option to create check-lists for the event management company owner so that he can calculate how many people actually attended the events and how much money he made.

8. Social media tools: The software should connect your website to your corporate social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to help users join the fan page/followers’ list. Make sure you can embed “social share” buttons in your website as well for effective viral marketing.

9. Google Analytics integration: The event booking software should offer Google Analytics integration facility so that you can check what visitors are doing in your event management website, which pages they are visiting the most and which pages are most neglected.

10. Custom URL: There should be an option to create custom URLs for each event you are organizing. For example, if you have created two websites for two events, there must be some tools to create two different URLs for these two websites. This is essential not only for SEO, but for branding as well.

11. Multi-session and tracks: Suppose, you are managing a sports event that will continue for five days. Now, visitors may not like to buy tickets for all five days. Therefore, you should have the freedom to offer tickets for each day separately, and visitors should be able to see the activities of all five days to decide which day is really important to them.

12. Name badge creation: Some important delegates may take part in your events as speakers and they need to be treated specially. Therefore, buy an online event registration and ticketing software that offers free templates for creating custom name badges. Once the badges are created, you can mail them to the delegates and request them to wear them for identification purpose.

If you find an event management software that has all the aforementioned features and is sold by a reputed software development company, take a free trial. Once satisfied, buy the full version and transform your business.

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