Most families try to spend as much time outside as possible during the summertime, including inviting friends over for several outdoor parties each month. Your yard has probably suffered from neglect during the winter months, so now is the time to spruce it up and get it ready for summer.

Refresh Your Landscaping

Mowing the lawn is one way to announce the beginning of summer, but you should spruce up your flower boxes and other landscaping as well before entertaining guests. There are many different garden essentials you can pick up such as mulch or top soil, Utah is one place where these soils are necessary for example. They help plants grow and make your flower boxes look fresh and beautiful.

Party Yard

Clean Your Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture has a way of getting dirty during the colder months, so take the time to wipe down all surfaces and wash any cushions so your furniture looks comfortable and inviting. You may need to buy a few extra tables and chairs to make sure there will be plenty of seating for everyone you invite to your parties. It’s always better to have too much furniture than to force guests to stand in the hot sun holding their plates and cups.

Check Your Sound System Or Other Electronics

If you haven’t used your speakers or CD player since last summer, it is important to make sure they still work properly. Test any video equipment in your backyard as well. Waiting until the last minute to make sure your electronics work is sure to leave you without the ability to use electronics for entertainment. Stand in different parts of your yard and listen to the music to make sure it can be heard without straining.

Get Rid of Insects

Your friends won’t want to hang out in your backyard if it is plagued with insects, so think about pest control well before your parties start. Place citronella candles on the tables for soft light and pest control. Tiki torches are also great for ambiance at a party and also provide a measure of pest control. Getting rid of any standing water is another way to minimize the amount of mosquitoes and other pests on your property. You probably won’t be able to eliminate insects completely, but minimizing the amount of pests in your backyard will make your parties more fun for you and your guests.

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