One of my new favorite social networking methods is Pinterest! It’s definitely gaining ground and is the must have tool for storing ideas, favorite articles, and everything else under the sun that you can imagine pinning on your own virtual cork board. Not to mention the most important part – self promotion.

Here we have the top tricks to use when putting together your pinterest board for your event planning business.


So many times I’ll find the best items or the most creative ideas when browsing around for something else. But so often what happens is that I move onto what I was originally seeking out and completely forget what it was I was looking for.

Start a pinterest board based around your event or even a theme you have in mind that you want to explore. Don’t be afraid to invite other people to share the pinning experience.

Pinterest for Event Planning

Show Off Your Past Events

Start putting together a pin board for all those events you have put together. Those event photos can show off your skills and expertise. Don’t forget to share your board with your former attendees. You may just get a like or re-pin out of them. And you know what that means? It becomes a version of word of mouth marketing, the best kind of course, and your business starts to become known around their circles.

Personalize the Experience

While this relates a lot to # 2, don’t be afraid to also personalize the experience of putting an event together. Posting your before, during, and after photos, may just bring the experience to life for your current and future clients.

Show Off Your Expertise and Enthusiasm

From corporate events to wedding planning, if you know a lot about your subject, it’s time to show it off. If you happen to run a business blog, Pinterest is the perfect place to promote your articles. If you haven’t branched out to the blogging world, make sure you post any guest articles you’ve written. Also, don’t be afraid to pin articles related to your business, whether or not you wrote them. Your followers are all potential clients and if they know you love what you do, they may just get on the bandwagon.

Show Off Your Virtual Business Card

Use Pinterest as an opportunity to inform current and potential clients of your business. Whether you have promotional items or your website or the business card you pass along to clients, post those on Pinterest.

Remember, don’t be afraid to get creative with your promotion and social networking is an amazing place to start.

Photo Credit: stargardener