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What is Pinterest? Pinterest is one of the most popular networking sites of this time aligned from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more. Pinterest was established in December 2009 but was just recently getting popularity in the world of social networking. To date Pinterest reach about 5 million of users worldwide and still counting.

Pinterest concept is simple; obviously the name speaks for itself which is all about the idea of having an online pin board. What I have notice about these social networking site is their unique concept of taking advantage of visuals more compare to Facebook and Twitter traditional way of social sharing.

But How Does Pinterest Works for Your Events?

Pinterest had their success through visuals and that is what we are going to take advantage of. People love visuals and it is true that pictures speak a thousand words. To start using Pinterest for your Events you should think of ways how you could do to compel visuals with event activities.

Pinterest for Events

5 Ideas To Use Pinterest For Events

Events Boards – Create a board about your event. For example you have a Product Launch Event. You could start pinning your product pictures, event posters, event schedules etc.

Event Videos – Make a short clip or teaser about your Event and upload them on YouTube and pin them on Pinterest. The idea here is to take advantage Pinterest popularity power to spread more awareness about your event.

Friends Photos – Invite your friends to pin their photos and repin them on your Event Board. Doing this will help you increase your event visibility with your friends’ friend.

Event Invitation – Aside from having your Event Boards it would also ideal to have a dedicate board for your Event Invitation. This board will have your Event Details and Schedule of Event Activities.

LIVE Pinning – This is one of my favorite just like LIVE Twitting the difference is that you are pinning events that are happening during the event. This strategy of using Pinterest as medium of social networking will make your event more socially active online.

Final Words

Pinterest is one good source of Event Promotion but just like any other social networking site it is important to practice proper online etiquette. Social Networking sites hate pure promotional activity and to prevent you being flagged as SPAM I suggest you to do things moderately.

Lastly, Pin responsibly because Pinterest does not have the ability to make your pins private. I suggest you to be more responsible from every stuff you are about to share using Pinterest.

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