Basically one of the biggest concerns of most couples planning their wedding is their wedding venue. It may sound to be easy though it can be a bit expensive. Venue charges tend to run a few thousand dollars, on average, and that typically doesn’t include tables, chairs, or anything else. As a result of the costs, many couples are looking to at-home weddings as way of cutting cost. Here we come up with a quick guide that will help you plan your at-home wedding event.


One of the first things you’ll want to think about is your guest list, and this is the one place where your new, cheaper venue can create a few problems. You have to carefully think about the space your at-home wedding has to offer. If you’re having it outside, you can probably have far more people attend the ceremony than you might inside. If, however, you really want an indoor wedding, look at the room where you’ll be holding the ceremony. If you clear the furniture, how many people can comfortably fit inside? If you’re starting to feel a bit constrained by those numbers, think about friends and family members. Does one of them have a home that may prove better at meeting your needs? Once you evaluate your space, you can start planning your guest list and sending out the wedding invitations.

Planning an At Home Wedding

Gearing Up

Having lots of people to your home (or that of a close friend or family member) means quite a bit of work ahead. You’ll probably want to start by reserving the chairs and/or tables you’ll need for the big event. If you’re trying to save some money, there’s actually quite a bit that you can do. Local community centers or schools may be willing to rent tables and chairs for cheap. A wedding planner may also be able to help you find the right resources for your big day. In addition to getting the tables and chairs, don’t forget that you may actually want to have the house cleaned before you have that many guests over for your wedding. You could handle it on your own, but the chances are good that you’re going to have better things to do.

Notify Your Neighbors

Don’t forget to let your neighbors know that you’ll be having a wedding at your home. Make certain, though, that you use a light touch at this step. A nice gift (or even an invitation to the party) can go a long way toward soothing fears about loud music, traffic, and more.

Think about Decor

In a more typical wedding venue, you’re working with a blank slate. Choosing colors and decorations is absolutely no problem. In your own home, though, you already have a theme established. Your best bet, then, is to work with your current theme. Go with colors you already have, and don’t hesitate to include other options, like creative lighting choices (LED light strings and such) as well as your favorite pieces from throughout the house. For flowers, use the vases you already have or found options from thrift stores and the like.

Don’t Forget About Food

Hiring a caterer at a big wedding venue is an absolute must in many cases, but at your own home, there are lots of other choices available. You could certainly go with a caterer, but you could also get your uncle to barbeque or your mom and your aunt to handle all of the food. It’s a nice touch for an at-home wedding that you may not be allowed to do elsewhere.
At home weddings can be unique, fun, and creative. They can also be inexpensive. Just make certain you start the planning process early.

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