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FOMO – Yes. That is the new abbreviation taking youngsters by surprise. In simple terms, it means ‘Fear of missing out’. It symbolizes the constant feeling of losing out on great happenings because one cannot simply be everywhere all the time! However, with an app that schedules and lets you know about events according to your preference, we guess, there will be no more FOMO! There are many such applications available for smartphone users using which they can keep a tap on events that they want to attends, events that they want to organize or even search for future events. Three such apps available in the market right now are EventBay, Eventbrite and Eventster. We decided to look at all the three apps and present a clear picture of which event app is just the perfect fit for you!

Product review of EventBay, Eventbrite and Eventster

Availability Across Platforms

Of all the three event apps, Eventster is an app that is only available on Apple. It is not available for users of Android. As for the other two, EventBay and Eventbrite, Eventbrite is available on both Android and Apple and EventBay has only been launched on the Android platform. According to the developers, they are coming up with the Apple version of the product very soon.

Product Comparison EventBay Eventbrite Eventster

Key Features

Although the key features of all the three apps are pretty similar, Eventbrite and Eventster allow users to create events of their own. They can register on the app, load the detail of their personal event and also keep a check on who is attending their event. Moreover, they do not pay anything to the mobile company unless their event is not a free one. Where EventBay scores, despite not providing this feature, is in its simplicity and ease of use. We tried all the three apps and found that EventBay gives us the best value for time. With its various filter options, we could locate events based on our location preference, and type of event. We were also pleasantly satisfied with its notification feature using which we received regular updates about our favorite events. Moreover, EventBay gives the user the option to store the details of their chosen event on the calendar of their smartphone. This way one can also get reminded about the event without having to visit the app over and over again. You can also share the event with your group on social networking websites.


All the three apps are available for free on their respective platforms.


EventBay and Eventbrite are actually the same size at 4.1 M and are available to android 2.2 and up users. Eventster on the other hand is 5.3 MB.

Our Verdict

We believe that you should use an event app as per your needs. Therefore, if you are someone who is only looking at locating exciting events near you and according to your preference, we suggest you give EventBay a shot. It is simple to use and does what it promises: locates the best events for you! We like it for its crisp UI. However, if you want to go ahead and plan events and showcase them to all, then you can give either Eventbrite or Eventster depending on the OS that you use.

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This article is written by Soubhik C.

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