I believe with the saying that “first impression last” and I think this is true with Product Launching. People usually remember new products because of its unforgettable product introduction and this is why it is very important to make this very first stage of marketing to be well planned.

Product Launching is a stage from where the product is introduce to the public. This is the stage that shows the completeness and readiness of the product. Some people may find this stage difficult but I assure you that what you all need to do is carefully make an analysis and evaluation about the strategies you wanted to do during the Product Launching Event.

For a new product to be successful it should be evaluated very well especially on its early market stage. The success of a new product is critical for this will dictate its fate on how well it will perform in the market.

Product Launching is also a critical process of marketing because this is the time that you could determine your products early success. One of the main objective of this marketing stage is to determine how you could be able to create your brand, customer expectation as well future product growth.

Product Launch Plan

There are plenty of ways to determine the success of your product during its launch and to sum up it we have chosen the important things that should be on top of your to do list. Basically your Audience Attention should always stay on top of your priority and to learn from this we prepared a list that should be included on your bucket.

Get Media’s Attention

Media is one of the fastest medium to make new products known. To be able to do this it would be best if you reach out local media such as Media Editors, TV Stations, and Radio Announcers. You read it right, you should go for local individuals as they will more likely agree to cover your product and it would be easy for them to be invited and attend your product launching.

Aside from the local media, you could also take advantage social media platforms such us Facebook and Twitter. A quick tip about these social media resources: Create product awareness by creating Facebook Pages and inviting everyone to like your page as this will expose your products to a number individuals instantly. While on Twitter, you must use hashtags whenever you make a tweet about a product so it could catch Twitter Users attention.

The Product Itself

This is one of the important things to remember during the product launch. This will play a vital role in determining your products success. It is one part of the product launching from where you can clearly state the products capability and what are the advantages of it with other products of the same capability. This stage should be well presented to your target market so that they could have the idea what is the product all about and how they could benefit from it.

The product importance should be well delivered during the product presentation as this will set the tone why your customers should buy your product. Clear communication is the key to let your consumers understand the product all about.

Emphasize product benefits and let this be highlighted with your target market so that they could better understand the basic feature of your product. One good example of this is how Apple launch their new products. Usually they compare their previous products with their new product and elaborately discuss the advantages of the new one from the former one.

Power of Leverage

This guide should always be on top of every event planners mind. Event Planners should learn how to evaluate each strategy they come up with and maximize every details of your product launch plan. Make a checklist of your objectives and goals that you wanted to achieve during the launch.


Lastly, Time can make difference for your product launch. Right timing means completeness and readiness of your product before it goes live.

Your should ensure that your product is ready when you launch it. This is important so that you may not receive negative comments about your new product.

I hope this strategies gave you an idea on how you could establish your product launch plan. If you find the post helpful your LIKES and Tweets will be highly appreciated.