Every day is a fun day at an event management company but planning an event can be a time consuming and stressful project. Here are a few tips that can help you plan a successful event and help you on how to organize events.

Estimate Your Expenses

The first thing you need to do is estimate your budget. You don’t have to spend royally to organize a great event. Have a guest list made with the estimated number of expected guests attending the event. Plan a menu and look for catering services that give you the best deal. If your event has a theme, then buy decorations that go with it. You could also try revamping your old decorations with glitter, stencils and stickers. Don’t look for ways to spend money, look for ways to be creative.

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Plan Well in Advance

Events usually take months to plan so avoid planning your event at the very last minute. Once you’re assigned an event, look up possible locations and book them immediately. Decide on a date and give yourself enough time to successfully plan it. Make sure that the date you’ve chosen doesn’t fall on a holiday. Appoint enough people to work on your event. Also, once the date’s been decided, start working on your invites.

Work on Plan B

Things don’t always go according to plan. So be on the safe side and look for alternatives. Prepare yourself for the worst and think about what you can do if something goes terribly wrong. While planning your budget make sure you save some of the funds as backup. You can use this money to execute your plan B.

Get Some Extra Hands on Board

An entire event cannot be managed by one person alone. Look for help from professionals. Divide your work among your colleagues. It’ll be easier to manage the event with only a few things on your mind. Don’t take on too many things and risk ruining your event.

Get Your Event Covered

Photograph all your events to have a portfolio that you could show your clients. Get a professional photographer. You could also get a team member to click pictures of all the activities you’ve arranged for. You could use these pictures to advertise your company. Social media advertising is always a good option for budding businesses. Have local media cover your event. This will help you bring in more clients and expand your business.

Keep a Tab on The RSVPs

Make sure you have a concise list of guests who have sent in their RSVPs. Plan your seating arrangement accordingly. Have nametags assigned on every table to avoid confusion and chaos.

Keep All Essential Documents at Hand

Organise all your paperwork. Keep a folder with all your contracts, floor plans, contact lists and payment receipts at an arm’s length.

Avoid Over Spending

Stick to your budget. Keep all the payment receipts with you. At the end of each day subtract the amount spent from your total budget.

Remember to keep calm and don’t let the stress get to you. Let your work speak for itself.

Author Bio

Maria Rodriguez is an event manager. She loves reading and enjoys trips to Macy’s. A single mother, former model and PPI claims activist. Follow her at ppiclaimsmaria.

Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter