Everyone is motivated to do something that interests them, and ideally, you’d like your employees all to be motivated to do better business. Sadly, the results of a four year survey conducted by the Glen Llopis Group do not make pretty reading for companies wanting to seize new opportunities for growth and innovation. It seems that the majority of employees are very comfortable when they’re being told what do to. When assigned a task, given a special project, or asked to execute a plan, they’ll certainly get the job done, but that’s unfortunately as far as it goes. Those surveyed lacked the strategic focus and entrepreneurial attitude needed to make the most of opportunities to increase a company’s growth.

Get Your Employees Away From Their Comfort Zone

So how can you turn this around and motivate your people to think and act positively and pro-actively? One of the most effective ways is to hire a guest speaker to run a workshop. An outside expert will give the session more objectivity and encourage people to think differently once they’re outside their normal work environment and all the everyday distractions that go with it. The ultimate aim is to encourage people to be motivated and to ensure that their new-found enthusiasm will remain long after the workshop is over, with a subsequent rise in creativity and productivity that’s beneficial to your company.

Professional Development

Leadership Learnt From Leaders

Good leadership skills are vital, and with the right speaker, your employees can learn from the best. You don’t have to restrict your speaker to a business specialist – there are plenty of people from different professions with a lot of knowledge and experience to impart, such as leaders from sporting professions or the armed services. They’ll teach business people about different leadership styles and problem solving, which can be adapted for use in your own workplace.

Entrepreneurs can also make a valuable contribution to your workshops. They’re the people who’ve become successful not just because of hard work and dedication; they’ve also had a lifetime of thinking on their feet and, at times, have had to be very creative in order to make their business work. Their experiences will show that you not only have to learn to think outside the box, you sometimes have to go a long way outside the box to make an idea work!

The Advantage of a Professional Speaker

A workshop run by a professional speaker will enable every employee to go back to their desk with a clear idea of how they can achieve better results, and with enough enthusiasm to make it happen. A first class speaker will encourage people to support common goals at the same time as working on their own personal goals. They can inspire your staff to be self-motivated, which is good for them, good for you and good for business. Hire one from a speaker agency and give your staff the motivation they need to help your business succeed.

Photo Credit: Haakon Gloersen