Promotional products and trade shows usually go hand in hand. Many exhibitors give away promotional products and many attendees expect to get some neat gifts. With some careful planning, trade show exhibitors can get the most out of the giveaways that they offer at a trade show, getting them repeat business, making them more memorable, and ensuring a successful outcome from the trade show.

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are also known as branded merchandise or promotional gifts. They are the “swag” that is given away at trade shows that have a company’s name and sometimes the logo on them. There are many different kinds of products that promotional companies sell; the most popular promotional items are pens, mugs, notepads, and calendars.

What Are The Best Promotional Products?

There are so many different branded gifts and promotional products available today that can allow you to choose one that will make your company stand out. If all the exhibitors give away the same items, how will anyone remember one from the other? The answer is to find a promotional product that is both useful and representative of your company.

Promotional Products

Making the promotional product your giveaway relevant to your company means giving away a promotional gift that aligns with your company culture and goes along with your company’s views. For example, if you are a tech company, giving away a branded gadget such as a stylus pen, cell phone or tablet cover, or a USB memory stick will be appreciated, useful, and a good reminder of what your company does.

Another example is for environmentally conscious companies; your giveaway should be branded recyclable, made from recycled materials, or help reduce the impact on the environment. If you are a company about safety, then giving away branded first aid kit, road safety kit, or torches will be much appreciated. The main goal is to be able to make it home in the attendees’ luggage, which is of course, limited space.

Other promotional products that are good for giving away at trade shows include:

Note pads
Badge holders
Conference Bags
Reusable Bags (to carry catalogs etc.)
Reusable Water Bottles

A great way to make your branded gift stand out is to make it a gift package and include some snacks or handy information about the city the convention or trade show is being held in. You could also be creative by making custom promotional items that is totally new to everyone.

Promotional Products Help Make Your Company Memorable

Studies have shown that promotional products help increase company sales because they are kept for long periods of time, often up to 3 years. They also help increase favorable sentiment towards your company and recipients of promotional products feel more inclined to purchase from your company in the future.

Promotional products also help with branding; people who have received promotional gifts remember a company’s name more easily. The lingering effects of promotional products make them much more effective than other forms of marketing or advertising which can actually cost more per impression than a promotional product marketing campaign.

A large investment is not needed to start a small promotional product marketing campaign, so try one for your next trade show or convention and you are sure to be pleased with the results.

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Richard Larson is author and Brand Manager for GoPromotional, leading online supplier of tradeshow giveaways in the UK. He enjoys writing about marketing and business topics.

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