Reddit is a big empire of internet community from where different internet individuals from around the globe are allowed to share anything, from informative website links, articles, funny pictures, viral videos, etc.

Reddit secret on building an empire was no secret at all but if we will go back time, I am sure that you’ll be surprised on how Reddit utilize their 500 bucks promotional budget. What Reddit did, is a little creativity and use the budget to produce Reddit stickers that were put in different places.

Reddit Sticker

The idea was pretty simple but very creative. A clever strategic marketing strategy from where they use stickers to build relationships, brands and community. The concept is very similar from having your calling card shared during events and meet-ups but instead of the cards you use your brand sticker.

Marketing and Promotions is all about creativity and aside from the idea of sharing the stickers, you could also put the stickers everywhere you wanted it to be just like how the founders of Reddit did during their travels.

Reddit founders admitted that the alien sticker wasn’t the secret at all but it was just the first step that made Reddit a household name. What the sticker did was to get people’s attention and let them be part of the promotions.

What made people love Reddit is because of this very simple principle that lets them to build an empire of communities that share valuable information around the internet. It was believe that 80% of Reddit’s traffic came from the 20% of the user’s activity and participation.

What I learned from this is the importance of your website users as they play the role that could make a difference with your website in the future. They are the one that will help you drive thousands or even millions of traffic without the need of massive promotion.

Think of this, an event couldn’t be that successful without awesome people on it. Like Reddit, they were able to build a successful community because of introducing people same interest and letting them enjoy the stay. I believe this is the very secret that made Reddit very successful.

Reddit is a big community and I am sure that you’ll discover and learn a lot from them. For Marketers, I suggest that you give some of your time exploring the site and as bonus I suggest you check – How to Generate Big Blog Traffic From Reddit Without Hurting Your Brand and – The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit.

Both sites shared wonderful insights about Reddit and how you could effectively use the community to drive social media traffic.