I am a big fan of Twitter and I personally love using them over Facebook especially for my homework activities or whenever I wanted to catch up a new idea. In my personal experience, Twitter is a powerful Social Media Tool that could reach out more people compare to any other Social Media networks that I have tried. But in order to successfully reach out people you must know how to effectively use them at your advantage.

There are a lot of ways you could use Twitter for your Event Campaigns, you could use the hashtag method, mentioning people or doing daily updates. From the list of Twitter Campaign Strategies I knew, my favorite one is the 24/7 Twitter Updates. Yes, 24/7 but how? We can’t be up all day long and all day night just to promote events and this is where schedule tweets go in handy. It’s true that Twitter is not capable of scheduling tweets but there are these third party applications that will do the job for you.

Schedule Tweets

What Schedule Tweets does is it reaches out people who were online when you are away from your computer or from your mobile devices. This tools will make sure that you will be able to share your event updates without even having the need to go online. To use these Twitter Scheduler applications effectively, what you have to do is to make a list of your events tweet campaigns, queued them all, have a life (just kidding) and let your preferred Twitter Scheduler application do the work.

There are a lot of third party tools to use for scheduling your Tweets, there is these famous Twitter Scheduler named BufferApp. You could sign up for a free account with them although the free account limits you with one twitter account and maximum of 10 scheduled tweets only. But if you have some few bucks to spend you could upgrade your account to maximize their tweet scheduling service.

But aside from BufferApp you may also try Timely, a twitter scheduler that similarly works like BufferApp for a fraction of nothing. Timely allows you to have multiple twitter accounts, unlimited scheduled tweets and they also provide analytical reports for FREE. I personally like Timely and the free stuffs from them is just one of the reason I prefer them over BufferApp.

Like BufferApp, Timely helps you to determine your most engaging time with your Twitter followers. They identify this by checking your previous tweets, retweets, and mentions. After they have identified these metrics they can come up for your best time to publish your tweets all over the day. This method of publishing tweets at your most engaging time will help you maximize your reach and campaign exposure.

Final Thoughts

Third party applications such as BufferApp and Timely does not just help you schedule your tweets for future updates but it also helps you determine the right timing to interact with your followers. If you still don’t get what I mean, I will repeat. Right timing is the key to potentially maximize your event campaigns.

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image credits: twitero.com