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One of the major goals of any event planner is to ensure the guests are comfortable and well entertained. It is also important to consider making the event unique so that it can stand out from the rest. One of the ways of making your event truly special is by having singing waiters perform.

These are qualified opera singers who can in some instances perform other genres. When you hire them for an event, they initially blend in as regular waiters and keep themselves busy welcoming guests and even serving refreshments. They largely go around unnoticed, waiting for that designated moment to take their guests by surprise. If you have hired a catering company as well, the singing waiters will camouflage in the staff’s uniform and behave as such.

Singing Waiters

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The real show normally begins by one of the waiters causing a distraction which draws the attention of the guests. Just as the ‘scene’ captures all their concentration, a loud melodious tune rents the air. Even before the initial surprise dies down, a different singing waiter joins in from a different spot. Within no time your guests are being treated to a captivating duet. Along the way, more and more voices join in and the party is engulfed with beautiful opera tunes.

The whole scenario creates a pleasant surprise and offers a lasting memory for all in attendance. Your guests will actually realize that they were being served by celebrities all along. Most of these singing waiters are actually famous singers who have made a name for themselves in the opera houses. Having them at your event will not only be a welcome surprise but also a rare opportunity to interact with the fans.

After kick starting the performances with an opera presentation, the singers can then move to other genres of music. This ensures that they avoid monotony and cater for different tastes of the audience. From blues, soul, classic and so on, the guests will be treated to a music mix that they can hardly get enough of.

Singing waiters will definitely add that much desired kick to your event. Instead of having the master of ceremony introduce the performers as is the norm, hire these singers who will provide a refreshing twist to the performances segment.

It is not good enough to have the guests endure an event; simply stay on as an obligation or for courtesy purposes. Plan an event that is entertaining enough so that everyone will stay to the end and still be yearning for more.

Coming into contact with a celebrity singer is arguably rare. Singing waiters provide a chance not only to interact, but also to be served by celebrities. Such is a moment that will linger in the memories of your guests and be treasured for many years to come. At the end of the day, your event will be ranked high in creativity and will set a bench mark that others will definitely want to emulate. Good luck as you prepare to put together an unforgettable event!

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