As an Event Planner what we always aim for is to have our events truly successful or at least achieve the events main goal. One of the factors I see that we could use to determine event success is through the feedback that were able to obtain from our attendee.

Did they enjoy the event? Was it worth the money, etcetera. Well aside from those questions one thing I find important too is to answer the question “Are you able to Market your event successfully?”

There are a lot of ways you could market your Event and one of the things that I find interesting that would definitely work right this time is through the influence that Social Media could do. One of the main benefits I find from Social Media campaigns is the power to enforce attention especially from the crowd that we have now.

Today we will discuss three of my favorite Social Media networks that I find to be of big help for Event Planners just like you and me. Purposely, these Social Media networks are use to spread awareness and help in reaching out different people from different walks of life. To be more familiar with these Social Media networks we should always keep in our mind that each has its own target individuals. Remember, what effectively works from the other might not work from the other.

Social Media Event Planning

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Anyway, let us begin rolling the ball. From all the Social Media networks available today what I find very helpful with the Event Industry are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I chose these three because I find these networks to have established targets/prospects that I think would likely be of interest as well identify people differences.

To further utilize these Social Media networks as your Event Marketing Campaign tool. I have here some quick tips as your starting point.


To fully utilize this social media network for your upcoming event it would be best if you start creating a dedicated Facebook page for it. The difference of this page from your personal profile is that you could send numbers of request from different individuals to LIKE your page and as well to keep them update with your event.

Aside from inviting your friends from liking your Facebook page it would also be advantageous if you create a Facebook Event from it. From here you could start posting upcoming activities for your event. It would also help you to have your announcements more organized.


Master the art of Hashtags. To maximize the potential of generating lots of attention from your event you should be able to understand how Hashtag works. Get familiar with it and how it could affect your campaign. One basic rule when you start your Twitter Hashtag campaign is that you should come up with a Hashtag that is related to your event, short and easy to remember.

Another thing to remember during the campaign is that you should let your attendee to be of familiar about the designated Hashtag that they should use. Let them be aware that using your assigned Hashtag you could easily reach them out and be able answer their queries as well reach out other people whom would have interest about your event.


I suggest you include this one with your list. Pictures speak a thousand words and I am guaranteeing you that you would not regret including this social media network for your event planning activity. Pinterest is one of the uprising social media networks that take advantage of the visual community. Most of us like seeing pictures and including this to your campaign can attract attendees.

What I find effective use of Pinterest is by continuously sharing pictures from your event either before the event, during the event and even right after the event. Aside from sharing pictures just like Twitter it also has its hashtag functions, I suggest you also maximize this feature because Hashtags from Pinterest can boost your Pins visibility from their search.

I hope this helps you out getting your Events more Social. If you find the post helpful your LIKES and Tweets will be highly appreciated.

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