If you’re having an event – a presentation, a seminar, a party, etc – the best way to get people to know about it is through social media. While not everyone is connected through social media, the majority of people belong to at least one of these services. Even those who don’t have their own social media connection are likely to hear about your event from people who are connected. Plus, social media offers free marketing for your event. You can’t beat that scenario.

Here are a few ways you on how to use social media to promote your event.

Facebook Promotion

Through Facebook, you can create a Facebook Event, a tool designed to let you promote your gathering to the community. If your organization already has a fan page, you can invite those fans to the event easily through this tool. You can also encourage people to comment on the event. Additionally, you can send invitations to people through Facebook or you can post the invite on your profile so anyone who visits your page will see the information. Make sure to have an RSVP option, too. Then if someone is going to attend their RSVP shows up on their profile page and is viewed by everyone they are “friends” with through the website.

Social Media Promotions
Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan

Twitter Promotion

Twitter is a good place to let people know about your event. However, since you are limited in tweet length you should link your post back to a website or the Facebook Event page where people can get more information. Twitter works well as a way to update attendees about the event and to build buzz around the event with your posts.

If you want Twitter to be used during your event, make sure to promote your hashtag so people can easily find others communicating about the same event. You can put this on any handouts or promotional information to make sure attendees know it.

Other Avenues

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you can use plenty of other social media services to promote your event. If you have images from a past event, upload those to Flickr as well as to your Facebook Event page. If you have a Linkedin account, this is a great venue for promoting professional events. Not only will the people you are linked to see the information but if any of them choose to attend then the information will also be seen by their network.

Keeping Them Posted

Regardless of the social media venues you choose, there are two important ways you want to use them in the promotion.

First, you want to create a Save the Date notice. This allows your event to get marked on potential attendees calendars and that is crucial if you want people to attend.

Second, you want to send out reminders a couple of days before the actual event. You can do this through a variety of social media services.

By making sure you do these two things, you are going to get the attention of possible attendees through social media and, hopefully, ensure your event’s success.

Author Bio

This was a guest post by John from EEF Venues, providers conference and event venues in London, Warwickshire and Bristol.