Social media is an indispensable tool for events planners and promoters. Social networks are huge platforms which can reach thousands of potential clients and, most importantly, they are one of the most effective ways of reaching different types of people and creating buzz.

However, not every social network is the same. They all have different user bases and features, and an effective advertisement on one network can easily look like spam on another. As users are becoming more and more wary of advertising, it is important to use the right form of social media when promoting an event.

Social Media Promotions

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How to use social media to promote your event.

Choose The Right Social Network

There are many different types of social media, and event planners need to realise that they cannot use the same message and promotional ideas on each one. Creating a Facebook group or event page is an effective method for guests to interact with each other and can even return an approximate number of guests who intend to go to the event. However, if the group is not updated often, the guests can easily forget about the group and the event itself.

Conversely, Twitter is very effective for sending messages to a wide network of people, but unless these messages are varied, users will not find them informative and will quickly lose interest and probably choose not to retweet them to share with other users. Different promotional strategies need to be devised for different social networks, and event planners need to keep guests updated and interested in attending.

Integrate Social Networks

If the event has a registration website, or if it is being promoted on a blog, company intranet or any other kind of website, make sure that guests can share the page via social media. Social share buttons can be added so guests can share their interest on social websites with just a simple click. This can generate even more interest in an event, even if it is currently being promoted on social media.

Offer Incentives to Guests

Offering promotions, giveaways or exclusive incentives is a great way to get guests interested in upcoming events, and it can make them want to keep checking for updated event information on social networks. A particularly popular method is to offer prizes when a certain amount of ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’ are reached. This means that guests spread the word about the event to other people, reaching a larger audience. Even if the giveaway is a small incentive, or just a promotional code that guests can use at the event for a discounted drink, it is an easy way to keep people interested and make them want to come to an event.

Use Social Media During and After the Event

The immediacy of social media means that it can be used during all stages of the event, from planning all the way up until the guests have gone home. Displaying a twitter stream or a live Facebook wall feed at the event can be a fun way for guests to interact with one another and display promotions. At large events with several different venues and rooms, real-time streams can be an excellent opportunity to organise guests and remind them of different entertainments and upcoming activities during the event. Photos, blog posts and videos of the event can be posted afterwards, too. These may show how successful the event was, and they can promote future events to guests who did not attend.

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