It is true that coming up with a SOLD OUT Event can cost you a lot of money, although in today’s time there are a lot of options to do to cut off unnecessary expenditures and still come up with a decent number of ticket sales.

A little tweak is all you need and a bit of creativity. To help you out more we will share to you some of the ideas that we come up that you could use to promote your event tickets effectively.

Start With An Enticing Event Campaign

A good way to start your campaign is through coming up with something straight to the point during your initial planning. It would be best if you start with your initial event introduction and let your audience received bits of information about your upcoming event. Coming up with a good Event Headline is also a good idea to start off as this will give your audience an idea of what they are going to expect for the event.

Sold Out Event

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Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that in today’s time Social Media is more powerful than the traditional media. This is a quick shift of how people live their lives and how we could reach out more people.

Two of the most use Social Media network that should always be on the top of the list of every Event Planner is Twitter and Facebook. Base from the studies Twitter has the most engaging platform while Facebook on the other hand can be effectively use to boost your Ticket performance. Using both networks would be a two hit combo for your ticket sales.

Ticket Campaign

One good idea to boost ticket sales is to come up with an Early Bird Campaign example of this is by providing ticket promotions such as giving away 50% off of the ticket price for the first 100 or allow your audience to receive one free ticket for every five purchase. There are a lot of options here and all you need to do is a little bit of creativity.

Engage With The Community

Another useful idea I would like to share is the power of connecting with your community. People do love to be personally invited and as you personally interact with everyone the more chances that they will response. This kind of engagement also allows you to extend information with the community of the suppose things that will occur during the event. This will keep your community more excited and will certainly allow you to receive a decent ticket sale during the sell off.

Final Thoughts

Event Planning is a stressful task to do but when you able to come up with a jam pack result I am sure all you could feel is that ever fulfilling feeling of that one successful event.

I hope I was able to be of help to all event planners reading this post especially to those aspiring event planners. If you have any other suggestions/additions don’t hesitate to share your thoughts by posting your comments below.

And last, before I end up this post always remember “The key to be a successful event planner is to be creative at all times.”

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