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Holding a business conference is a great way to make new contacts, share information and establish your business as a leader in the industry. Before you can hold a conference, however, you’ll need to make sure you have the basics in order. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

Hire a great keynote speaker

Your keynote speaker will be a big draw for people in the industry to come to your conference. They’re the cornerstone of any good conference. Seek out somebody who’s famous in your industry or who can offer great advice for the people attending the conference. Attaching a big name to your event is a surefire way to ensure attendance is high.

Successful Business Conference

Find a fantastic location

If you have a large office space with plenty of conference rooms, you can hold a conference at your business. However, getting outside the office has plenty of advantages. Consider holding your event at a common space so that outsiders feel more comfortable attending. Make sure your location has plenty of amenities and lodging nearby.

Choose a date

When you hold your conference is just as important as where.While you can hold a conference in any season, it’s generally easier for everyone if you choose a time when the weather is nice. Make sure you avoid holding your conference during major holidays or other industry events to increase your attendance.

Put out a call for presentations

This is your chance to shine! Have people from your company give presentations or run sessions. You’ll also want to invite others to participate. Try to book several presentations or sessions for each time slot to offer conference attendees plenty of choices. You may even want to consider splitting your conference into “tracks” so that people who are interested in a specific topic can go to several sessions based around the same theme.

Choose a caterer people enjoy

When people attend a conference, they don’t just remember the sessions they attended or the connections they made. They’ll also remember other details, like the food. Make sure you offer fantastic food by choosing a great caterer. The meals you have planned can affect the general mood of your conference, so choose wisely.

Advertise your event!

Once you’ve decided on a date and location, start advertising your event! Use social media to give people general details. You may want to consider sending out invitations to other businesses and people in your industry to ensure good attendance. If you subscribe to a mailing list of industry insiders, now’s the time to use it. You don’t need to have all the details in order before you start advertising, although you should release information as you have it.

Running a successful conference comes with so many benefits. If you’ve been thinking about organising a conference, make sure it’s successful by following these simple tips!

Author Bio

Beth is an Event Planner with Trippas White Group in Sydney, Australia. Beth specialises in organising business conferences and corporate events of all sizes and for all occasions. Beth is always keen to share her tips on hosting a successful business conference. For more information visit: www.trippaswhitegroup.com.au.

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