So, you’re looking to make a career for yourself as an event planner. Congratulations, you’ve picked a great path that will lead you to a fulfilling career with all sorts of excitement and success. If you’re wondering what it takes to do well in your chosen job, here are several characteristics that will make you into a great event planner. These should be strong parts of you personality in order to do well in this business, ideally.

Love What You’re Doing

This may seem a little strange, but you’d be surprised on how many people look into this career choice because they want to be rich or famous, or a little bit of both. While this job can lead you to some local fame and involves working exclusively with the public, you have to be interested in what you’re doing. It is a position that can be stressful at times and you have to always be prepared for those incidents and keep positive. A big part of that is loving your job. Make sure it’s something that you can’t wait to do every morning, even if there are some days when you are just exhausted. This will help make you a great event planner.

Event Planner

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Have a Back up Plan

Mistakes happen. As do unforeseen circumstances. When these things happen, you have to be prepared to switch directions at the drop of a hat and be able to save the day. This means, be planning for a switch in theme, several added guests at the last minute, a menu change, etc, right from the get-go. Have several plans in place and make sure your staff know what to do in any of these situations. This helps you stay calm and your company will be perceived as very professional and prepared for any situation.

Listen to Your Clients

Again, this seems ridiculous, but it’s important. Your job is literally doing whatever the client wants you to do. Your job is to make their event run smoothly and be a success. So, if s/he decides s/he wants a pink balloon tower where you think a purple one would be better suited, let them know of your professional opinion, but give them the pink tower if that’s what they decide they want anyway. You must always listen to all of the details and work to make them happy. This is how they will decide whether or not to refer you on to their friends.

There’s no question that being an event planner is a great position and can be a lot of fun. You must be prepared for the kind of work that it is, however, and it’ll be a really rewarding and successful career only if you are doing something that you love and cherish. You can be as focused and career-driven as you want, but if you just don’t have the right basket of characteristics to succeed at being an event planner, consider an alternative.–