The secret to pulling off the event of the century is keeping a cool head, careful planning and knowing what your audience wants. If you want to get into this line of work, you could take on your first event as a volunteer at work or for a local cause.

Having a successful event management is about careful crafting of an event for a company, charity group or social event. To start off, you could volunteer to manage an event at your company – perhaps the office party or a conference. Once you’ve proven your ability to plan and run an event, as well as managing your normal workload, you can go on to planning larger events. These are invaluable skills to have and will look great on your CV, especially if you intend to go into this line of work in your next career move.

Tips for Success

Planning ahead is key, so make sure you give yourself enough time to craft the event and promote it well:

• You might want to set up a website to compile all the event information in one place for attendees. You can allow guests to confirm attendance, pay their entrance fee (where necessary) and make dietary requirements known. This way you can also capture email addresses and keep them updated of any developments.

• Juggle your workload well. Delegate everything you possibly can to others. This is especially important if you are volunteering for charity – you’ll find that people are willing to lend their time, resources and skills.

Successful Event Secrets

• Embrace the spreadsheet; it will become your best friend. You can also download events software to do a lot of the work for you. This can remind you about deadlines, chasing suppliers and help you to keep tabs on progress.

• If there is a hitch, make sure it is cunningly disguised or harnessed as an opportunity. Failing that, ensure that your guests are reassured that you are on top of things and resolve the issue as quickly and with as little ado as possible.

• In order to create a buzz around your event, set up some target marketing on social media – Twitter and Facebook are quick and easy ways to promote the event. Get key people in your industry talking about your event and you will be sold out in minutes!

To really differentiate your event, try and come up with unique offerings. Think about securing exclusive entertainment, rare guest speakers or a completely different approach. If you’re running the company exhibition stand, why not think of a really interesting way of attracting visitors to your stall. Take a theme from your product launch and instead of the usual promotional key-rings or giveaways, set up a talking point on the stand. A great example of this is the shoe company who were promoting a shark-inspired range of shoes. They set up an aquarium, with one of the shoes sunken in it and filled the tank with Silver Shark fish. A great draw and conversation starter!

Role of the Event Manager

Successful Event Secrets

Above all, the role of the event manager is to become a jack of all trades. Being involved in the nitty gritty is just part of the job description and if you are looking for a job in this field then remember it comes with many responsibilities. You need to be able to keep a cool head and be ready to roll up your sleeves and muck in with whatever needs doing. Make sure your guests are happy (from the invite stage to getting into taxis at the end of the night) and the rest of your job will come naturally.

Author Bio

Jenny loves to do charity fundraising jobs. According to her there are plenty of opportunities to work in the field, and you could work as an area fundraising manager for Cancer Research fundraising through researching for available positions online.

Photo Credit: Sleepy Valley