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Finding seasonal wedding flowers that fit your style and the petals that match your color is a difficult task, especially when you don’t know a thing about them. But to save you from that situation here is everything that you should and need to know when searching for your perfect wedding flowers.

When you’re on the quest of finding a good floral arrangement, you need to make sure that your florist offers services of flowers delivered next day and use fresh flowers only. The following flowers are perfect for having a great and appealing summer wedding.


They have good range in colors from pink to white, purple, green, yellow, the hydrangeas are completely versatile. And, I love that these flowers are full and bountiful that gives more value for your money. For a perfect bouquet, go with white hydrangeas with Virginia bluebells and dusty millers.

Summer Wedding Flowers

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Ahh… the roses! They are the most romantic of all flowers. They signify lust and passion. They are perfect for garden parties or for black tie affairs and they will definitely add touch of love to any bouquet. For an extra-lush look, try English roses.

Gerbera Daisies

These are one of the most vibrant flowers which add a little cheer to the wedding. Gerbera daisies are available all year around and they come in different colors as well. For an ideal bouquet, I suggest a bouquet of white gerbera daisies, billy buttons, and yellow roses. Additionally, they are great for casual spring ceremonies too.


Poppies come in a variety of colors, they are bright and fun. Their wiry stems and petals make them simple to work with and they add lush look to both, the centerpieces and the bouquets. The way to have a great combination is by pairing poppies with white daisies.

Spider Mums

Spider mums are playful and cost effective. Pair them with more pricey flowers like white roses to make a great stunning bouquet.


Orchids are simple and delicate. Additionally, they add a feminine touch of flair to any centerpiece or bouquet. For a perfectly ladylike look, mix white and pink orchids to your bouquet.


Peonies are fragrant, romantic and signify happy marriage and good fortune-perfect for a wedding bouquet. My personal favourite wedding bouquet is soft mix of white garden roses, light pink peonies and springs of dusty miller.


Cosmos are bit small, but they still can make a great impact on your bouquet. They add rich colors to your bouquet of wildflowers of an artistic vibe.

Calla Lilies

They are all time popular among brides, and they signify true devotion, divinity and marital bliss. Although, they are bit expensive, even when they are in season, but I recommend carrying a simple bouquet of a couple of calla lilies tied together with a beautiful ribbon.


They are known best for their brightly colored blooms, and signify change (perfect for new bride). I personally love the appearance of a bouquet filled with eucalyptus, dahlia and dusty miller.


Lilies are absolutely elegant in appearance and they signify almost everything from purity to passion. Since their blooms are huge, you can get a great impact for a small price.


For the brides who are seeking a spectrum of unforgettable wedding memories, the above flowers can surely blend into any type of themed wedding, giving you the best look for your big day. – EventChecklist.net