Summer is one of the most popular seasons to say “I do” and it’s no wonder why. Aside from the warm, wonderful weather that allows the couple to get married outdoors, summer weddings creates wonderful photographs that would last a lifetime.

Before starting your summer wedding planning I suggest you go over these major elements:

1. Vacation Time

Summer is the time when most people get time off from work. When planning to get married during this season, book your venue and vendors ahead of time. The earlier you book, the earlier you get to send save-the-date cards to your guests. This will allow them to mark their calendars and free your big day from any other appointments or mini-vacations.

Summer Wedding Planning

2. Sunshine

A little bit of sunshine may be good for your photos, but too much of it will wreak havoc on your wedding. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, provide a shady area for you and your guests to cool down. Being exposed to the sun causes sunburns, makeup meltdown, excessive sweating, and strained eyes.

Usually, couples prepare tents while others offer umbrellas and sunglasses to remedy the situation. You can also choose to hold the event under the shade of a large tree to keep your guests comfortable.

Another great idea is having the ceremony in the afternoon, when the sun is going down. A sunset wedding is cool and can provide gorgeous wedding photos.

3. Heat

The humidity may become unbearable on summer months so you better prepare for it. First is by having the event under a large shade, and not directly under the heat of the sun. If possible, stay indoors or in a tent, with the A/C units running. On top of that, provide cooling devices like fans.

Be sure to keep yourself, your guests, photographers, caterers, and wedding band well hydrated by having a ready supply of drinking water or other drinks. Pass water around during the ceremony. If you want to be creative, you can serve frozen drinks at the party. Keeping your guests hydrated is essential unless you want someone rushed to the hospital because of heat stroke.

4. Insects

Try to stay away from un-mowed fields of grass for your “picnic-style” summer reception as it will only get you tick bites. And it’s not just the ticks, it’s also the flies, mosquitoes and other bugs come out during the humid summer season, and might even attend your wedding.

Avoid putting flowers and fruits on the table that might invite bees and other insects to get to your cake before you do. It’s also good to keep the food in the refrigerator until the time you actually eat it. You can also provide your guests with insect-repellent lotions for convenience.

5. Weather

Just because it’s summer means it doesn’t rain. Early on in the season, there’s a huge chance of having a brief sun shower. It makes sense to always have a Plan B ready. This includes having a tent or an option to move inside a covered area.

6. Wind

Strong winds during your beach wedding can destroy your hair, dress, and wedding decor. Make sure you come wind-ready if you’re planning to hold your ceremony outdoors.

Strong winds may easily drown out your wedding music too. Double check with your venue and sound system coordinator if the sounds can still be heard despite the wind (and waves).

What other elements did I miss?

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