Team-building activities are a tried and tested way to boost staff motivation by ensuring employees work together as a team to solve problems. However, some methods of team-building can become stale if employers continue to carry out the same exercises with their employees. Shaking things up by organising a unique team-building exercise for employees can really prove effective for bringing a team together.

Below are just five of the most exciting and innovative team-building exercises that you might want to try for your next work bonding session.

1. Da Vinci Code

If you think your workers will be up for a bit of a brain workout, then definitely get them signed up to the Da Vinci Code. This mysterious activity will certainly get their brains working as they attempt to solve the murder trail relating to Dan Brown’s famous novel. Participants will take part in a number of activities based both inside and outdoors, with each task demanding a different skill. Each task will take from 5 – 25 minutes, with only the strongest teams triumphing.

Team-Building Activities

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2. Thames Powerboat Adventure

If you are after something a bit more adventurous, then why not take your team on an adrenaline-pumping ride down the London Thames? Teams will be able to bond as they share the experience at cruising down this famous river at 40mph, whilst taking in well-known sights such as Tower Bridge and the London Eye. If you are based in or near the capital, this is definitely a London team building activity you won’t want to miss.

3. Urban Circus

Looking for something fun? Then why not try the urban circus, where employees will be able to try their hand at skills such as low wire walking, extreme diabolo, juggling and stilt walking? This will take workers out of their comfort zone and really push them to their limits and show what they can do. They will also be treated to a routine by some professional entertainers.

4. Cooking Experiences

Why not find out in you have any Jamie Olivers or Delia Smiths in your workforce with a cooking experience? This is a great way to help workers bond, as they will have to help each other to make each dish. It can also be really fun and boost their creativity. Employees will no doubt be amazed what they can come up with when given the right ingredients… literally! You might all even get a tasty meal out of it too.

5. Team Work of Art

If you want to get really creative with your team then why not give them the task of creating a piece of artwork together? This task will ensure that all employees really listen to each other to determine the end result of the art and the concept that they are going for. Teams way want to re-create their company’s brand, try to visually represent some of their firm’s core values or even make their own version of a famous artwork. Whatever way, this activity will be sure to help employees see the ‘big picture’! –

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