Event Planning Blueprint

Technorati Code: 43YEJ89A8EMP

The code above was a verification code that Technorati.com provided for us so that they could verify EventChecklist.net ownernship and have us part of their blog directory listing.

And in behalf of the Event Checklist Family we are very excited to share to our loyal readers our mini steps in achieving another milestone and that we are very excited to see ourselves included with one of the most visited blog search engine. Hopefully they’ll have us verified soon.


Photo Credit: BuildInternet.com

For those who are interested to have their blog listed with Technorati.com like us, you could check Technorati Blog Claiming FAQ.

And for a more detailed step by step Technorati.com claiming and verification process I suggest you read WordPress.com post.

To know more about the guy behind Event Checklist you could reach me from the following Social Media accounts:

Skype – adrianoarwin

See you all around the web guys!