Event Planning Blueprint

Planning an event can be an overwhelming process, but with just about everyone on Facebook these days, it just got easier. Facebook is one of the best ways to get everyone together about the event without having to interrupt everyone’s life involved in the event.

How To Plan The Event On Facebook

The first step is to set up a group from your personal page. You can do this by going to the Groups header and then clicking on the link to Create a Group. Once you are on the group creation page, put in the title, which should be the event the group is for, and a description for the group.

The Best Online Tool To Plan An Event

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Once that is complete, go to the section that says you can invite people to the group. Click on Invite for every person involved in the group. The person will receive a notification that they have been asked to join the group.

Once everyone accepts the invitation, you will have a dedicated space on Facebook for topics having to do with the event. People can post ideas, websites of vendors, and ask questions.

Why Facebook Is A Good Event Planning Tool

People live a busy life, they often don’t have time to take part in events. With Facebook though, they can become involved whenever they have a few minutes to spare. For example, someone sitting on the subway, on the bus, or waiting on a meeting to start can check the group and respond as desired.

With input into the event planning, the main planner can organize the event much easier than if he or she did it all on her own.

Taking Event Planning To The Next Level With Facebook

After you and your group have planned the event, it’s time to invite guests. While you’ll have many emails, postcards, and other means to invite people, don’t forget Facebook. It has a feature in which you can set up an event right on the site, so you can invite people you want to attend.

When you invite people, they will receive a notification. This notification will allow them to respond if they would like to attend or not. There is even an option to maybe it, if the person needs more time to figure out scheduling conflicts.

Once you receive a response from each invite, you’ll receive a notification. You can keep a log of all that have replied and will attend. You can even keep a log of those that haven’t replied to invite them in some other way in case they no longer access Facebook. It’s important to always have a backup plan because some people do stop logging into Facebook without deleting their account.

Try It Out To See How Easy It Can Be

Using Facebook is so easy to use that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it for years. Before you know it, you might be volunteering to plan even more events just because it’s such a good, simple tool to use.

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This article was written by freelance writer Marcelina Hardy. She often plans events on Facebook She loves to post websites of vendors she uses, especially when she is planning a wedding and needs to know opinions on bridal bouquets and Denver flower delivery.

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