This round up is composed of blogs that I mostly read from Alltop RSS collections. Basically I find these blog posts very informative and I am sure that a lot of you here in would agree.

The following blogs talks about different event planning ideas and information that could help aspiring Event Planners develop their Event Planning Career and Skills.

The Big List Edition

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Ten Wedding Toast Tips You Should Not Ignore
5 Wedding Venue Disasters You Want To Avoid
How To Plan A Formal Dinner Party

The Round Up

4 Tips On How To Start A Career In Event Planning – Melanie Woodward

If you are serious enough to be an Event Planner then you should not skip reading these Four Event Planning Career Tips direct from Melanie of Event Planning Blueprint.

Four Reason You Need To Have A company Event – Hello Endless Blog

Hello Endless blog explains how Company Events could be of an advantage and not just another chopped of expense from the Company’s budget.

3 Reasons To Use Movie Theaters For Meetings And Events – Andrew Maxwell

Andrew from Plan An Event came up with these quick tips on “How” Movie Theater be of great venue for hosting Meetings. If you wanted to learn something new then I suggest you start reading this blog post.

7 Fundamental Ways To Drastically Improve Conference Breakouts – Dave Lutz

There is something every Event Planner should focus and Dave had a good explanation on how this will be done.

20 Event Planning Fails Our Guests Hate – Julius Solaris

Things happen and sometimes it goes all wrong. In this post Julius explain the differences between Failure and Repeated Mistakes. Most of us would be guilty from this for sure that is why I guarantee that each of us will relate on to these blog post.

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