When you are planning a large event such as a wedding, birthday party or an anniversary celebration you want to make it perfect. Most people spend lots of time planning the big day and the time and effort put in is well worth it when you see the finished result. Getting the right caterers, flowers and entertainment can be vital in making sure that your party is a success. However, as most events organisers would agree, the most important feature of any gathering is the venue. Whether you will be having a formal occasion or a something more contemporary and modern your venue will help you to create the right atmosphere at your event.

The furniture that you choose for your event can really influence the look and feel of your venue and can turn a bare room into the setting for a fabulous party. You can choose a large range of furniture from any good events furniture hire company and it is sure to help to transform any occasion.

Dressing a Marquee

A marquee is a great solution if you can’t find the right venue. It means that you can make the most of warm spring and summer evenings and, as they come in a variety of sizes, you can get one large enough to fit all of your guests. This means that you don’t have to worry about curtailing numbers! However as a marquee is an empty shell you need to make sure that you get the right furniture to dress it properly. Lighting is important so why not hire table lamps to give a soft glow to the atmosphere. If you are looking for a touch of luxury you can even hire special chandeliers designed just for marquees. To add warmth you can position soft furnishings such as sofas and cushions at the sides of the dance floor. As well as looking great this means that guests will have somewhere to rest after all the dancing too.

The Right Atmosphere For Your Event

Creating a Contemporary Feel

If you want a modern or futuristic feel to your party you could consider creating your very own club chill out lounge. As well as providing your guests with a comfortable place to sit and chat it can also look amazing. Use large white sofas, mirrored tables and giant champagne buckets to create a luxe look that can’t fail to impress. You could also use silver and gold accents to add to the sense of decadence. This look will create a fantastic talking point and will make sure that your party is remembered for years to come!

Keeping Things Classic

Of course you may prefer a more traditional feel to your party especially if there will be older guests attending. Many people like to use historical buildings as the venue for their event and if this is the case then hiring classic furniture can really create the right ambiance. Baroque style armchairs will look fabulous in such a setting and this regal look can be complemented by large silver candelabras decorating the tables. To set off this furniture you can accessorise with opulent cushions and throws. Tumbling displays of flowers will also provide a stunning centrepiece on classic regency style side tables.

Don’t Forget The Outside of The Venue

If the weather is warm, guests may like to take the party outside so you need to consider what furniture you might want to provide for the garden or veranda. It’s a good idea to provide comfortable garden chairs for guests and they may also like a side table as somewhere to rest their drink whilst they catch up with old friends. As the weather gets cooler in the evening it can be a wise investment to hire some patio heaters to make sure that everyone stays warm.

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