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What is a To-Do List? A To-Do List is a list of task you plan to do in a given period of time. A checklist on where we track our progress and things that should be done.

To-Do List helps us to be more efficient but sometimes To-Do List seems to be difficult. What makes To-Do list a bit difficult is when we set tasks that were unachievable, tasks that make us ineffective, tasks that hinder us to take a leap on achieving our objectives.

Here we will share to you ways on how you can make your To-Do List simple and make you more effective.

Write Your To-Do List the Night Before

Why the night before? Writing your To-Do list the night before makes yourself more active to achieve the targets you listed the next day. People tend to be of high energy every morning so having your To-Do list ready the night before will make you more excited to have it accomplished, knowing in your mind that everything is in place and are all noted on your To-Do list.

To-Do List Simple

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Important and not so Important

There are two things that you should always keep in mind when doing your To-Do list. One, know what is Important and the second thing is to know what is the least important or things that you could delegate to someone. It is very important that we don’t over stuff our list having it all assigned to ourselves but to know when to assign other things. You must know what are the things that need urgency and things that can be delegated to someone so you can be more efficient throughout the day.

Time Your To-Do List

Make a self-estimate about how long a task can be completed. In this way you can assess which from the To-Do list will consume more time and which is not. From this point, you can make decisions on how to make your To-Do list assignment more effective and which ones you should be giving priority.


It is a good idea to make divisions on your To-Do list. What is a division, this is the two side of your To-Do List, the right side, and the left side. Example. On the left side, you can write tasks that should be done like attending meetings, making calls or arranging appointments while on the other side you can list things like upcoming appointments, group plans etc. Under each side, you should also take into consideration assigning the order of priority, this way you can easily decide on which one should be done the best time.

Re-Evaluate Your Items

After doing all your To-Do list, it is best to make a re-evaluation of it. Make sure the chronological order of your To-Do list are arranged in a manner that the first one on the list is the most important thing or the one that needs urgency and has given the most efficient time for it. Also, make an evaluation of your To-Do list accomplishments, so the next time you’ll have to prepare for a To-Do List, you’ll have an idea on the adjustments you need to do on your list or if everything goes well then you can stick to your original To-Do list plans. – EventChecklist.net