Dealing with Event Conferences today is a lot different from how we make the most out of our conferences before. Today, most of the people engage using Social Media Networks, a development that makes our social life a lot different and easier.

If you still think of primitive ways of establishing event conferences today using no social media at all then you were already left out. Social media development helps us distribute information, creating conversations, sharing updates in real time.

Twitter Event Conferences

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I think you would agree with me that most of the Conference Participants today have their handy dandy notebook, just kidding I mean Smartphones. Smartphones or Mobile devices were very handy especially for this era from where people could use their mobile phones to access internet and have their social media networks updated.

People most of time use social media networks to share what they are doing, where they are, and what is happening. Base on my experience the best channel for sharing and tracking people updates from social media is through Twitter. And as a conference organizer you should be familiar with this so that you could make sure that your event is getting the most out of it.

To help you with this I will share to some ways you could get the most out of your conference participants with Twitter.

1. Conference Event Preparation

A. Make a wireless connection set up in the conference activity area which can be easily access by your participants during the activity.

B. Come up with your official hashtag for the event. These hashtags are short abbreviations for your event from where you could track your participant’s engagement during the conference. You could use third party applications to track user participation with your hashtag and I recommend you trying the following:, and Use the following in your advantage so that you could track and reach out participants easily.

C. Promote your Hashtag. Basically the most important thing to remember during the event promotion. This will let your participants to be familiar with the hashtag and let them easily participate with the event discussion which is more likely important to make the event livelier.

2. Conference Event Engagement

A. Aside from the third party applications that were mention before I suggest you also use Hootsuite, Seesmic, or Tweetdeck (whichever you prefer) to track hashtag tweets. With these applications you could easily response with the tweets of your event participants. Tip: You could take advantage of the column ability of this third party applications to monitor your twitter hashtag streams and updates.

B. Assign someone to do the Twitter moderation. This is important so that your participants could easily receive updates and information during the activity. The moderator could also track participants engagement as well provide meaningful answers from the comments and questions that will be shared.

C. Backchannel Display could also be a good idea during the event though it could have a bit of pros and cons but mainly purpose of this backchannels is to capture people’s attention that can make them more engaging with the event.

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